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The Global Family Wealth Guide: Personal Finance, Investing and Retirement for Cross-Border Professionals and Families


Now more than ever before, managing one’s personal finances is complex and time consuming. For international and cross-border families, the general climate of international information reporting (FATCA, FBAR, etc.) as a result of the crack down on tax havens and tax collecting vigilance, has made things far more difficult. What’s more, there is no credible place to turn for advice for responsible professional people looking to do things the right way. With narration focused on introducing the problems and highlighting case studies alongside action-oriented advice addressing common questions and challenges, this book will be a guide for foreign-born professionals living in the U.S. and American citizens living abroad. The book will explain:

  • International taxation: Navigating the complexity of having assets and income in more than one country, being subject to taxation in more than one country, or for inbound expats to the U.S., having to adjust to the significantly more complex tax system of the IRS.
  • Retirement Planning: Most people struggle to figure out whether they are well prepared for retirement, in a climate where most people now realize that the responsibility for supporting themselves in retirement is on them.
  • Investment Management: Most people worry about whether they are properly investing their savings to maximize growth for the future.
  • Asset Administration: For this community of people, administrating their financial affairs has never been more difficult. This includes moving money around the world, opening accounts and setting up investment programs, dealing with currency risks and translation, and properly handling qualified accounts that may have certain tax benefits (401k, IRA, annuity, etc.).