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The Handbook of Global Corporate Treasury


A complete guide to operating a corporate treasury from a global perspective

For CFOs and treasurers looking to re-align their treasuries with the growth of the global firm, bankers who seek to maximize the value they create for clients, treasury and finance firm employees, and even finance students, this book provides an easy-to-read approach to this exciting and increasingly complex world. It includes a toolkit that gives practitioners a reference point that they can adapt immediately for use in their firms, providing a low-cost, high-efficiency advisory solution they previously lacked.

  • Offers a uniquely global perspective unlike most books on the subject, which tend to focus on the US market
  • Incorporates a bottom-up, segmented approach that uses fundamental building blocks to form a comprehensive overview of corporate treasury
  • Includes a toolkit that provides a ready foundation for learning based on checklists, templates, and scorecards that can be adapted and customized to the needs of an individual firm
  • Written by an author with more than 13 years working in different aspects of corporate and institutional banking, from capital markets to transaction services
  • Written by an author who has spent many years working

The Handbook of Global Corporate Treasury serves as a ready reference for anyone interested in the nuances and practicalities of the complex world of corporate treasury.


Part One: Introduction to Corporate Treasury
Chapter 1
Role of Treasury in a Global Corporation

Chapter 2
Treasury Design

Chapter 3
Treasury Culture

Chapter 4
The Importance of Operations and Control Efficiency

Part Two: Transactions and Cash Management
Chapter 5
Account Management and Structure

Chapter 6
The Movement of Money

Chapter 7

Chapter 8
Liquidity Management Introduction and Float

Chapter 9
Cash Pooling and Efficiency

Chapter 10
Cash Flow Forecasting

Part Three: Balance Sheet and Liquidity Management
Chapter 11
Liquidity and Working Capital

Chapter 12
Financial Strength and linkages with Liquidity

Chapter 13
Sources of Capital

Chapter 14
Financing the Supply Chain

Chapter 15
Managing Operating Cash and Investments

Chapter 16
Credit Ratings and Bank Credit Assessment

Part Four: Markets and Risk Management
Chapter 17
The Art and Science of Risk Management

Chapter 18
Markets and Risk Aspects of Each Market

Chapter 19
Risk Management in Practice: Ensuring the Right IMAGE

Chapter 20
Products for Managing Risk

Chapter 21
Combining the Products to Manage Risk: Risk Governance

Chapter 22
Risk Management Governance strategies

Chapter 23
Operational Aspects: Documentation and Execution

Part Five: The Toolkit
Chapter 24
Treasury Policy

Chapter 25
Treasury Systems

Chapter 26

Chapter 27
Key Performance metrics for a Treasury

Chapter 28
Banks and Service relationships

Chapter 29
Operations and Control Checklist

Chapter 30

Chapter 31
Building and Sustaining a Treasury Culture

Chapter 32
Managing Treasury in Uncertain Times

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