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The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security: Practical Strategies for Money, Work, and Living


Praise for The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security

"I can't think of a single colleague, friend, or loved one who wouldn't benefit enormously from reading Mark Miller's smart and lively guide no matter how far away they are, or think they are, from retirement. Personally, I only wish he had written it sooner."
—Eric Effron, Executive Editor, The Week

"One of the sharpest observers on retirement, Miller offers instructive ideas to help readers address the challenges they'll face in the years ahead."
Eric Schurenberg, Editorial Director, CBS

How you can have a happy and fulfilling retirement in a tough economy

The Great Recession has placed a wake-up call to America's baby boomers. Many have not saved enough for retirement and have not taken a hard look at how many post-work years they may need to finance.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style, The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security tackles the tough questions about retirement in the new post-crash economy. With this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Boost lifetime income through better planning—and working just a few additional years

  • Recalibrate damaged retirement portfolios

  • Insure against the risk of outliving your assets

  • Hire a financial advisor whose first loyalty is to you—not to Wall Street

  • Manage the risk of health-care expense in retirement

  • Rethink housing in the wake of the real estate crash

  • Stay employed, find a job after age 50—or become a midlife entrepreneur

Engaging and informative, this practical guide provides the strategies needed for a truly fulfilling and secure retirement.

Mark Miller is an expert on aging, retirement, business, and economics. He writes the syndicated weekly column "Retire Smart," contributes to CBS and the Huffington Post, and publishes, which was named the best retirement planning site on the web by Money magazine. Miller speaks regularly at conferences on aging and retirement. He can be reached at

1 Rethinking Retirement in Hard Times.


2 The Great Wake-Up Call.

3 Getting the Most from Social Security.

4 The Old-Fashioned Pension on Life Support.

5 Income Annuities: Another Way to Get a Guarantee.

6 Resuscitating the 401(k).

7 Managing Your Health-Care Expense Burden.

8 Taxes and Retirement.

9 Coping with Post-Bubble Real Estate.

10 How to Hire a Financial Adviser.


11 How Working Longer Helps.

12 The Fifty-Plus Job Market: Good News, Bad News.

13 Six Rules for Job Hunting.

14 Fifty-Plus Entrepreneurs: Launching a Lifestyle Business.

15 How to Hire a Career Coach.


16 Making a Difference: Encore Careers.

17 Volunteering in Retirement: Getting Engaged.

18 Learning and the Path to Brain Fitness.

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