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The Inner Game of Investing: Access the Power of Your Investment Personality


Discover Your Own Best Personal Strategy for Building Wealth "Derrick Niedgerman's The Inner Game of Investing is money in the brokerage account. I highly recommend this book to any investors wanting to improve their investment performance. Knowing your investment personality is the first step to boosting your investment performance. Niederman's Inner Game of Investing is better than six years of Freudian analysis. From A to V (adventurist to visionary) Niederman's book made anything but a ‘skeptic' of me." —Randy Jones, CEO, Worth magazine "How-to-invest books normally put me to sleep, but Derrick Niederman comes at the subject with such freshness and wit that I got hooked—and stayed that way right straight through." —Carol J. Loomis, Board of Editors Fortune magazine "Put down the Wall Street Journal and look in the mirror, says Niederman. The key to successful investing isn't knowing the p/e ratio of General Motors. It's knowing yourself. This is fascinating stuff." —John Rothchild, author of The Bear Book and A Fool and His Money

DERRICK NIEDERMAN is a mathematician turned securities analyst and financial writer. His credits include a PhD in mathematics from MIT and articles in a wide variety of financial publications, most recently as a contributing editor at Worth magazine. He is the author of This Is Not Your Father s Stockpicking Book: Profiting from the Hidden Investment Clues Found in Everyday Life. As a gamesman, Niederman is a former national squash champion and a life master in duplicate bridge.

The Bargain Hunter.

The Visionary.

The Contrarian.

The Sentimentalist.

The Skeptic.

The Trader.

The Adventurist.

The Psychology of Analyzing Stocks.

Dealing with Others.

Investing in Real Life.