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The Insured Portfolio: Your Gateway to Stress-Free Global Investments



"Finally, a commonsense, basic guide to offshore annuities and life insurance in plain English. Authors Nolan, Sola, and Crouch have applied their collective experience to lead the novice investor safely into the advantageous realm of asset preservation and asset protection through international life insurance and annuities. An informative and profitable handiwork."
--Alexander A. Bove Jr., Esq.

"Probably one of the most powerful books of our time dealing with insurance-based solutions in an age of violent capital markets. An essential financial planning toolfor serious investors."
--Eric N. Roseman, President, ENR Asset Management, Inc.

"The Insured Portfolio provides the reader with an excellent explanation of important contemporary innovative solutions to the financial crisis confronting our society. The style of the authors is easy to read and easy to understand--a rarity in the financial services industry! I strongly recommend the book to investors and financial professionals alike!"
--Michael G. Chatzky, attorney-at-law, Chatzky & Associates

"I believe The Insured Portfolio offers us a model of clarity in this current world of investing. It helps make investment philosophies pain-free, understandable, and yet almost energizing to the point where investing becomes a powerful, fun, and exciting part of everyday life."
--Van Simmons, David Hall Rare Coins

"Three successful practitioners with one important message: how to protect and invest your wealth in today's world. A 'must read' for the astute investor in the twenty-first century."
--Dominique J. Spillmann, CEO and member of the board, swisspartners Advisors Ltd.

"The Insured Portfolio--a timely and relevant resource for high-net-worth individuals, families, and their advisors evaluating the benefits of foreign insurance products in the context of modern asset protection and tax planning. In a straightforward, easy-to-understand manner, the authors unmask the mystery associated with foreign insurance while making the case for solid yet basic estate planning, deftly describing the key jurisdictions in which to do business and providing historical perspective and real-world planning scenarios."
--Todd Douglas Hall, Partner, Teeple Hall, LLP

ERIKA NOLAN is Executive Director of The Sovereign Society--an offshore, asset protection and international finance organization--as well as cofounder of N&C International Wealth Consultants, LLC. She is a highly respected expert in global investments, tax havens, and international asset protection.

MARC-ANDRة SOLA is a Swiss attorney and cofounder and managing partner of NMG International Financial Services Ltd., and a highly sought-after speaker on topics ranging from asset protection to estate planning.

SHANNON CROUCH is Associate Publisher of The Sovereign Society and cofounder of N&C International Wealth Consultants, LLC.

Acknowledgments ix

INTRODUCTION A New Generation of Savers and Investors Have Brought Certainty to Their Financial Future--and So Can You! 1

CHAPTER 1 Welcome to the Twenty-First Century 5

The Lessons of the First Decade and the Historical Precedent for Today’s "Unprecedented" Crisis

CHAPTER 2 Passing the Wealth Baton 27

Building a Sustainable Investment and Savings Plan to Ensure a Solid Financial Future

CHAPTER 3 An Age-Old Solution to Insure Your Portfolio 85

Meeting All the Requirements of the Real World

CHAPTER 4 Finding the Right Policy to Meet Your Financial Goals and Secure Your Peace of Mind 107

CHAPTER 5 The Importance of a Jurisdiction for Your Insured Portfolio--Plus Our Top Recommendations 141

CHAPTER 6 Heading Out into the Unknown with Confidence 171

APPENDIX A Examples of How Private Placement Policies May Be Used 185

APPENDIX B Further Resources and Reading 195

Notes 221

Glossary 225

About the Authors 233

Index 237