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The Intuitive Trader: Developing Your Inner Trading Wisdom


Some are born with it. Others acquire it. Everyone wants it. It's the ultimate market wisdom, and your key personal asset on the road to financial success--it's intuition. In The Intuitive Trader, Robert Koppel draws on his extensive knowledge of the markets--culled from decades of frontline experience, as well as insightful interviews with top traders--to lay out a fascinating, practical "blueprint" for developing and honing intuitive trading skills.

Success depends on refining your intuition to a level that allows you to take the next step with unshakable confidence. But bringing yourself to this level is a daunting challenge--one that often requires you to override the logic of your acquired knowledge. It begins with self-awareness, a notion that many traders resist, looking instead to black-box trading systems and the expertise of self-proclaimed "gurus." Koppel explains why relying solely on empirical reasoning can actually inhibit your trading performance. He demonstrates why you need to combine the deductive with the inductive--integrating the intellect with the intuitive.

Along with penetrating analysis by psychologists and psychiatrists, The Intuitive Trader is filled with industry success stories from the likes of:
* Linda Leventhal, the independent trader and current member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange who discusses the thrills and dangers of trading in the pit;
* Howard Abell, equally at home trading on the floor or in front of a computer screen, who recalls a lifetime of lessons in the importance of understanding--and loving--the process;
* Thomas Belsanti, the interest rate, stock option, foreign currency, and livestock wizard who explains how he stays motivated and confident day in, day out;
* Charles Faulkner, the strategies expert whose extensive writings on the science of success explore how and why people succeed in the market.

With extensive exercises that will show you how to use intuition to enhance your trading performance, The Intuitive Trader provides the insights and techniques you need to take your trading to a new level.

Advance praise for THE INTUITIVE TRADER

"The Intuitive Trader is an indispensable addition to a trader's library. Bob Koppel has clearly identified how traders can distinguish true intuitive trading impulses from market hunches. I highly recommend The Intuitive Trader."--John F. Sandner, Chairman Chicago Mercantile Exchange

"Koppel has opened the door for those willing to do the work. He has done a superb job with this difficult subject."--John R. Conheeney, Jr. Chicago Board of Trade

"The Intuitive Trader is well-written...and clearly presented. Throughout his writing runs the thread of simple common sense. The Intuitive Trader is an important book that will remain fresh years into the future when the trading system you bought no longer works..."--from the Introduction David Silverman, Director Chicago Mercantile Exchange

"Koppel cuts new ground in the exploration of intuition...that most traders will find as relevant and as indispensable as a quote screen. The Intuitive Trader is a must read for both the veteran and aspiring trader."--from the Foreword William J. Brodsky, President Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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ROBERT KOPPEL is President of the Innergame Division of Rand Financial Services. He is the coauthor with Howard Abell of The Inner Game of Trading (Irwin, 1993) and The Outer Game of Trading (Irwin, 1994). He holds advanced degrees in Philosophy and Group Behavior from Columbia University. Bob was a long term member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

The Intuitive Mind.

Intuition and Successful Trading.


Bill Williams.

Richard McCall.

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Edward Allan Toppel.

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Linda Leventhal.

Howard Abell.

Tom Belsanti.

Peter Mulmat.


Creating an Expectation for Trading Success.

Motivation and Reality.

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