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The Little Book of Big Profits from Small Stocks + Website: Why You'll Never Buy a Stock Over $10 Again


Praise for The Little Book Of Big Profits From Small Stocks

"Hilary Kramer's encyclopedic knowledge of individual stocks is exceeded only by her enthusiasm for sharing her ideas with average investors." —Randall Forsyth, Editor-in-Chief,

"Hilary Kramer has given us another winner! Her book is required reading for anyone wanting to make money in the market." —Richard Wilner, Business Editor, New York Post

"You can get big gains in single-digit stocks—and big losses. Hilary Kramer's book is your indispensable guide to joyful gains rather than portfolio-shrinking heartache."—Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine

"If you think you've heard every investing idea out there and haven't read Hilary Kramer—do yourself a favor and pick up this book. Hilary hits it out of the park with fresh insights and compelling ideas. Hurray for Hilary!"—Gerri Willis, host, The Willis Report, Fox News

"This book reveals a truth that Wall Street doesn't want you to know—that investment success can be yours by traveling the lesser-known but readily available path of small stock investing."—Gene Marcial, columnist andformer BusinessWeek "Inside Wall Street" columnist

Hilary Kramer is Editor of GameChangers, Breakout Stocks Under $5, and High Octane Stocks (all for InvestorPlace Media). She is a regular contributor to,, and is a commentator on Nightly Business Report. The Financial Times calls her "a one-woman financial powerhouse." She received her MBA from the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania and within a decade was recognized as one of the best equity investors on Wall Street. She has twenty-five years of investing experience, first as an analyst, then as a portfolio manager, investment banker, and hedge fund manager, and has managed more than $5 billion in global private equity and publicly-traded investments.

Foreword xi

Acknowledgments xv

Introduction: The Investing Edge You Have on Wall Street xix

Chapter One The Classic Under $10 Stock 1

Chapter Two The Price Is Not Just Right, It’s Critical 9

Chapter Three Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen 21

Chapter Four Growing Out of Sight 37

Chapter Five Shopping the Bargain Bin 53

Chapter Six Getting the World Healthy and Wealthy 65

Chapter Seven Around the World Under $10 77

Chapter Eight Forget Everything You Thought You Knew 89

Chapter Nine Looking for the Right Stuff 97

Chapter Ten Well Bought is Half Sold 111

Chapter Eleven Beware the Wolves of Wall Street 125

Chapter Twelve Low Prices and High Profits 135

Appendix Getting Started with Quick Response (QR) Codes 145

More from Hilary Kramer 147