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The Little Book of Sideways Markets: How to Make Money in Markets that Go Nowhere


Praise for The Little Book of Sideways Markets

"It's hard to talk clearly about investing and make sense to ordinary readers at the same time. Katsenelson gives a lucid explanation of today's markets with sound advice about how to make money while avoiding the traps that the market sets for exuberant bulls and frightened bears alike."
—Thomas G. Dolan, Barron's

"A thoroughly enjoyable read. Provides a clear framework for equity investing in today's 'sideways' and volatile markets useful to everyone. Clear thinking and clear writing are not often paired—well done!"
—Dick Weil, CEO, Janus Capital Group

"The bible for how to invest in the most tumultuous financial market environment since the Great Depression. A true guidebook for how to build wealth prudently."
—David Rosenberg, Chief Economist and Strategist, Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.

"A wonderful, grounded read for new and seasoned investors alike, Katsenelson explains in plain English why volatility and sideways markets are a stock picker's best friend."
—The Motley Fool,

VITALIY N. KATSENELSON, CFA, is Chief Investment Officer at Investment Management Associates. Whilehis primary focus is on discovering under-valued companies for his clients, he is also known for his uncommon common sense, which he has regularly expressed in articles in the Financial Times, Barron's, Bloomberg Businessweek, the Christian Science Monitor, Institutional Investor, and the New York Post, among other outlets. He speaks frequently to investment groups around the world, and was most recently profiled in Barron's in September 2009. Previously, he was an adjunct faculty member at the University of Colorado Graduate School of Business, and he is also the author of Active Value Investing.




Chapter One Fasten Your Seat Belt.

Chapter Two A Sideways View of the World.

Chapter Three Don't Shoot the Messenger.

Chapter Four Tevye Was a Rich Man.

Chapter Five What We Can Learn from Gamblers.

Chapter Six Brought to You by the Letter “Q” (for Quality).

Chapter Seven Brought to You by the Letter “G” (for Growth).

Chapter Eight Brought to You by the Letter “V” (For Valuation).

Chapter Nine Add it Up.

Chapter Ten Nip/Tuck.

Chapter Eleven The Born-Again Value Investor.

Chapter Twelve Applying Darwinism to the Sales Process.

Chapter Thirteen You Are Not As Dumb – or Smart – As You Think.

Chapter Fourteen On a Scavenger Hunt for Stocks.

Chapter Fifteen Farewell, Blissful Ignorance.

Chapter Sixteen Think Different.

Chapter Seventeen I Could Be Wrong, but I Doubt It.