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The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles


Praise for The Little Book of Stock Market Cycles

"Even though history is a guide, but never gospel, Jeffrey Hirsch has written the bible on historical patterns that investors will come to regard as an invaluable guide."
--Sam Stovall, Chief Equity Strategist, S&P Capital IQ

"The Stock Trader's Almanac has been the bible on market cycles for the last 46 years, chronicling the ebbs and flows of markets and giving us a definitive view of history. As a student of cycles, the book sits near my desk for ready reference. Now, Jeff Hirsch distills that long channel of wisdom into this little tome, helping us discern the important cycles from the day to day noise. For the seasoned investor and beginning novice, this book will help you cut through the fog of volatility to see your way through to confident investing."
--John Mauldin, President, Millennium Wave Advisors

"I'm an avid consumer of everything Jeff writes--and this new tour de force of what has and hasn't happened is no exception--and should be an eye-opener for most investors, amateur or professional."
--Ken Fisher, CEO, Fisher Investments, 28-year Forbes columnist, New York Times bestselling author

"Jeff does an admirable task of teaching market history, sharing invaluable cyclical strategies, and carrying on the work of his father, Yale Hirsch. The torch has been passed; the path is bright."
--Larry Williams, Fund Manager

JEFFREY A. HIRSCH is the Chief Market Strategist of Magnet Æ Fund, President of the Hirsch Organization, Editor-in-Chief of the Stock Trader's Almanac, and coauthor of the Commodity Trader's Almanac. He's worked with founder Yale Hirsch for over twenty years, taking over for him in 2001. Mr. Hirsch appears frequently on CNBC, CNN, Bloomberg, FOX Business, and many other national and international media outlets to discuss market cycles, seasonality, trading patterns and forecasts, and historical trends. He also edits the firm's digital toolkit, Almanac Investor, a subscription-based product including investor alerts, market data, and research tools.

Foreword ix

Introduction xiii

Chapter One Cutting through the Bull 1

Chapter Two War and Peace 11

Chapter Three A Century of Booms and Busts 23

Chapter Four The Coming Boom 47

Chapter Five Your Portfolio Gets Political 69

Chapter Six Open Season for Stocks 95

Chapter Seven Aura of the Witch 105

Chapter Eight Autumn Planting 115

Chapter Nine Winter of Content 127

Chapter Ten Spring Harvest 149

Chapter Eleven Summer Doldrums 159

Chapter Twelve Celebrate Good Times 169

Chapter Thirteen Don’t Sell on Friday 187

Chapter Fourteen Picking the Ripe Trade 197

Acknowledgments 217