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The Little Book of Stock Market Profits: The Best Strategies of All Time Made Even Better


"Mitch Zacks shines a bright light on many popular stock-picking strategies to show you what really works, and what doesn't. Relying both on research and actual data, Mitch explains what really works, and when a good strategy might not be so great. Whether you are a value, growth, or momentum trader, this book will help you profit."—Charles Rotblut, CFA Vice President, American Association of Individual Investors (AAII), author of Better Good than Lucky

"Mitch Zacks lays out an engrossing repertoire of timely strategies and portfolios for thoughtful investors seeking to take control of their investing futures. His book combines research and rationale, and common sense and example, with the perspective of a respected and seasoned expert."—Steven M.H. Wallman, CEO, FOLIOfn, Inc.

"Mitch Zacks explains the pros and cons of various strategies and sheds light on fascinating research underlying the different approaches. Readable, easy to understand, and filled with timeless wisdom, this is a great book for the do-it-yourself investor."—Jeff Hirsch, President and Editor-in-Chief, Stock Trader's Almanac

"Good commonsense advice, delightfully presented and accompanied by a welcome dose of humility."—Burton G. Malkiel, author of A Random Walk Down Wall Street

MITCH ZACKS is Senior Portfolio Manager at Zacks Investment Management. He is also the author of Ahead of the Market and has written a weekly finance column for the Chicago Sun-Times. Zacks earned a degree in economics from Yale University and an MBA in analytic finance from The University of Chicago. Prior to joining Zacks, he was an investment banking analyst with Lazard Freres in New York.
Introduction vii

Chapter One The Crystal Ball of Wall Street 1

Chapter Two Size Matters 19

Chapter Three Once More Unto the Breach 37

Chapter Four The Big Mo 59

Chapter Five The Inside Story 77

Chapter Six Song of the Shares 93

Chapter Seven Cash Is King 111

Chapter Eight It’s Worth What?! 127

Chapter Nine Earnings Surprises: The Gift that Keeps on Giving 145

Chapter Ten A Time to Plant and a Time to Reap 165

Chapter Eleven The More the Merrier 185

Acknowledgments 203