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The Logical Trader: Applying a Method to the Madness


Praise for The Logical Trader
Applying a Method to the Madness

"Fisher's messianic willingness to share with the public the successful system he has developed is an opportunity to be exploited."
-from the Foreword by Paul Tudor Jones
Chairman and CEO, Tudor Investment Corp.

"Mark takes the same mental approach to trading that professional athletes and coaches use to succeed on the court. He has taken several college and pro athletes and provided them a game plan for life after basketball."
-John Calipari, Head Basketball Coach, Memphis University
Former NBA Head Coach, New Jersey Nets

"I have been actively involved in the markets (foreign exchange, equities, derivatives) since the early 1970s-as a trader on the CBOT floor in the bond and note 'pits,' as a foreign exchange dealer at a large multinational bank, as the head of a bank's futures brokering operation, as a reasonably widely known analyst of the world capital markets writing a daily commentary on these markets, and as a trader on my own. I've read a myriad number of 'how to' books on trading, most of which have proven to be of little merit, if any. However, from the outset, reading and understanding Mark's insights into his ACD system in The Logical Trader, I've learned methods of trading that I probably understood intuitively but now understand logically and with almost numerical rationality. The reading may be difficult for the beginning trader, but the lessons learned will be immediately beneficial; of that I am certain. I strongly endorse this book for the beginner and professional trader alike."
-Dennis Gartman, Editor/Publisher, The Gartman Letter, LC

In trading, as in life, you need a plan. In The Logical Trader: Applying a Method to the Madness, expert trader Mark Fisher reveals a plan and a method that he has used for over twenty years to successfully trade.

Mark Fisher has taught thousands of people-from traders on the floors of major exchanges to individual investors in front of computer screens-how to trade stocks, commodities, even currencies, using his highly successful and innovative ACD method. Now, in The Logical Trader, Fisher will teach you how to use the ACD method to trade more effectively and profitably than ever before.

MARK B. FISHER, an independent trader, is the founder of MBF Clearing Corp., the largest clearing firm on the NYMEX. Fisher has taught his trading methodology, which he calls the ACD system, to more than 5,000 people, including many traders at leading hedge funds such as Tudor Investments. Fisher also runs a summer internship program at the New York Mercantile Exchange, which is open to apprentice traders and college students from a variety of backgrounds. Fisher has been trading since he was twenty-one, when he became the youngest trader ever in the silver futures pit. A 1982 summa cum laude graduate from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Fisher also received his master's degree in finance and accounting from Wharton.
Forword by Paul Tudor Jones.


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