The Manager's Concise Guide to Risk


Effective risk management is essential to the success of any firm. Through experience, a manager will become familiar with risks that occur frequently within their line of business. However, it is easy for a manager to be caught unawares by unforeseen problems

This comprehensive guide provides a complete overview of the risks a company may encounter and assists the manager to recognize and correctly identify risk. It also explains and ilustrates with easy to follow examples how some key risk concepts can be quantified and measured.

Written with the professional business manager in mind, this guide is not only a quick reference tool, but can also be used to expand a manager's knowledge and provide an advantage in the competitive business environment. It is a particularly useful introduction to the concepts of risk management in all sizes of business.

JIHAD S. NADER is currently Dean of the School of Business Administration at the American University in Dubai and President of Management Skills Consulting and Training. He has extensive academic and practical experience in the US, Canada, Middle East and Europe, which has included academic posts at the universities of Toronto and Concordia, and Citibank. In addition to his academic role, he has taken a wide range of consultancy work and has also participated in the process of legislative reform of the Canadian financial sector. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto.

Assigned Risk.

Basis Risk.

Break-even Risk.

Business Risk.

Call Risk.

Cash Flow Risk.

Catastrophic Risk.

Collection Risk.

Competitive Risk.

Confiscation Risk.

Contagion Risk.

Country Risk.

Coupon Reinvestment Risk.

Credit Risk.

Currency Risk.

Currency Inconvertibility Risk.

Daylight Overdraft Risk.

Default Risk.

Deflation Risk.

Deposit Cost Risk.

Diversifiable Risk.

Downside Risk.

Dynamic Risk.

E-banking Risks.

Economic Mismanagement Risk.

Environmental Risk.

Ethical Risk.

Exchange Rate Risk.

Expropriation Risk.

Fidelity Risk.

Fiduciary Risk.

Financing Risk.

Foreign Exchange Rate Risk.

Foreseeable Risk.

Fraud Risk.

Fundamental Risks.

Growth Risk.


Ideally Insurable Risks.

Inflation Risk.

Information Systems Risk.

Insolvency Risk.

Insurable Risks.

Interbank Risk.

Interest Rate Risk.

Intraday Credit Risk.

Investment Risk.

Legal Risk.

Liability Risks.

Liquidity Risk.

Market Risk.

Marketability Risk.

Marketing Risk.

Maturity Risk.

Moral Hazard.

Morale Hazard.

Nondiversifiable Risk.

Nonmarket Risk.

Nonspecific Risk.

Obvious Risk.

Occupational Hazard.

Operating Risk.

Particular Risks.

Payment System Risk.

Performance Risks.

Personal Risks.

Political Risk.

Portfolio Risk.

Prepayment Risk.

Price Risk.

Property Risks.

Pure Risks

Reinvestment Risk.

Repatriation Risk.

Resource Productivity Risk.

Risk of Loss (in Commercial Law).

Risk of Loss (in Finance).

Risk of Loss (in Insurance).

Risk of Non-persuasion.

Security Risk.

Settlement Risk.

Sovereign Risk.

Specific Risk.

Speculative Risk.

Static Risk.

Systematic Risk.

Systemic Risk.

Technological Obsolescence Risk.

Term Structure Risk.

Total Risk.

Trade Noncompletion Risk.

Transaction Risk.

Transfer Risk.

Translation Risk.

Uninsurable Risks.

Unique Risk.

Unsystematic Risk.

Upside Risk.

War, Revolution, Riot, and Civil Commotion Risk.