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The Markets Never Sleep: Global Insights for More Consistent Trading


Praise for The Markets Never Sleep

"An excellent primer for futures and the global financial market, a clear voice of their importance for all traders. Tom also gives an easy-to-understand professional approach to discipline, money management, and the 'numbers' to watch that indicate market direction. Help for all traders to earn bigger, more consistent profits."
—Ned W. Bennett, CEO, optionsXpress, Inc.

"Well . . . they've done it again! Tom and Patsy have written another insightful and entertaining book on understanding and trading the world's markets. The Markets Never Sleep shows how to analyze all the global markets and use timing and money management to control losses and reap significant rewards without using up all of one's emotional energy. In other words, everything needed to make trading fun and profitable!"
—Russ Mothershed, former corporate executive and current DTI student

"Trading follows the sun, as Busby points out, and with a click of one's mouse, traders today have the full advantage of global trading. Busby makes a compelling case for opportunistic trading. In an easy-to-follow outline, he shares trading strategies to ensure a high probability of profit. The Markets Never Sleep is a must-read for traders and investors who seek insight navigating the global markets."
—Chuck Dukas, President,

Thomas L. Busby has been a professional trader and broker for twenty-five years, working with Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney. He is a member of both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Since Busby founded the Day Trading Institute in 1996, it has grown into one of the most successful trading schools in the world. After enormous success early in his career, Busby lost almost everything in the 1987 stock market crash. Following that experience, he developed a low-risk, short-term trading method that consistently generates profits and is the basis of the Day Trading Institute curriculum. Busby is also the author of Winning the Day Trading Game (Wiley).

Patsy Busby Dow is an attorney, trader, and former educator. She is currently employed by the Day Trading Institute as a staff writer.


About the Authors.


Chapter 1: Let’s Rock and Roll: Why I Like the Global Beat.

Chapter 2: Stepping to the Tune: Understanding How the Markets Work.

Chapter 3: Gettin’ in the Groove: How to Think Globally.

Chapter 4: Land of the Rising Sun: The First Tunes Are Asian.

Chapter 5: Land of the Long Siesta: Europe Joins the Party.

Chapter 6: The United States Steals the Show.

Chapter 7: Short-Term Strategies around the World.

Chapter 8: Swing Trading Strategies across Time Zones.

Chapter 9: Approaches to Long-Term Trading.

Chapter 10: Golden Keys to Unlocking the Secrets of the Financial Markets.

Chapter 11: Managing Risk in Global Markets.

Chapter 12: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency.

Chapter 13: Preparing for the Trading Day.

Chapter 14: Mind Over Matter: Breaking through the Psychological Barriers.

Chapter 15: You Still Have Time to Sleep.

Chapter 16: So You Want to Be a Trader: Profile of a Winner.

Chapter 17: Wrapping It Up.