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The Nature of Trends: Strategies and Concepts for Successful Investing and Trading


The Nature of Trends by Ray Barros is one of the finest introductions to trading I’ve yet encountered. Clearly and concisely, Ray lays out principles for assessing and trading markets, emphasizing congestion ranges, trends, and the interplay of these across time frames. Examples and charts bring the ideas to life, emphasizing practical application of ideas ranging from market profile to wave patterns. This is a book not only to be studied, but savored. 

Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D.
Clinical Associate Professor, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Author, The Psychology of Trading and Enhancing Trader Performance

After spending over a decade in the financial services industry, particularly focused on technical analysis, I have seen many traders over-complicate what should be a straight forward pursuit. The Nature of Trends by Ray Barros will bring you back to the most fundamental (and often forgotten) rules of trading, which is to identify the trend and then trade within it.  I would recommend that every serious trader read this book at least once a year as adopting the simple strategies in this book can help you to flow with the market instead of fighting against it.

Mathew Verdouw
Managing Director
Market Analyst Software

The Nature of Trends
by Ray Barros is a book for serious traders. A trader always searches for information, but the serious ones search for in-depth knowledge which can only be found in Ray’s book.

Rickey Cheung
Author, The Trading Edge, How to Trade Like a Winner

In The Nature of Trends, the author reveals valuable concepts for profiting from a clearer understanding of market structure and the probable duration of tradable trends. There’s no fluff, filler, or old rehashed ideas in this refreshing volume on market dynamics. Novice and advanced trader alike will benefit from this comprehensive and enlightening study.

Don Schellenberg
Senior Market Strategist
NextView Pte. Ltd.

Identifying and monitoring trends in the market is a key skill in any successful trading campaign. Ray’s in-depth analysis and insights make The Nature of Trends a must read for those who are taking trading seriously.

Geoffrey Sawyer
General Manager
CMC Markets Singapore Pte. Ltd. 

Ray Barros is a professional trader, fund manager, author, and educator. Since he started trading 20 years ago, his track record reflects a whopping 39% per annum return on a compounded basis. This means a hypothetical investment of $1,000 returned over $100,000 in the 15-year period between 1990 and early 2005.

Barros is also the author of two books—The Nature of Trends and The Ray Wave. Barros has been regularly featured in regional newspapers and publications such as Sydney Morning Herald, Your Trading Edge Magazine, Business Times, and Smart Investor focusing on his trading strategies as well as his opinions on market sentiment. They have also dealt with his track record, trading philosophy, how and why he got into trading, and what advice he would give to those wishing to become traders/investors.



Chapter 1: Definition and Identification of Trends

Chapter 2: Change in Trend Patterns

Chapter 3: Acceptance, and the Function and Impact of Time Frames 

Chapter 4: Derivative Indicators

Chapter 5: Entry and Trade Management

Chapter 6: Effective Money Management and Winning Psychology

Chapter 7: Barros Swings in Action

Appendix: Formulas for Constructing Barros Swings