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The New Political Economies: A Collection of Essays from Around the World


This book contains interesting essays on the following range of topics: Fiscal Sociology, Constitutional Economics, Austrian School Perspectives, and New Perspectives on Transition Economies in Asia, Europe and Africa. All of the contributors to this volume apply cutting edge concepts and distinctions in economics to a variety of important topics and issues that surround contemporary debate. The book contains 20 essays, totals about 390 pages and includes a scholarly index.

Laurence S. Moss now serves as editor of The American Journal of Economics and Sociology. He is a Professor of Economics at Babson College and has served as the President of the History of Economics Society. He is also a well-known historian of economic thought. Moss is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association and now serves on the Standing Committee on Pro Bono Legal Services of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.
The New Political Economies: A Collection of Essays From Around the World.

Editor's Introduction. (Laurence S. Moss).

PART I. Historical Perspectives.

"New Political Economies" Then and Now: Economic Theory and the Mutation of Political Doctrine. (A. M. C. Waterman).

PART II. Fiscal Sociology.

Fiscal Sociology: What For? (Juergen Backhaus).

Voters, Parties, and the Endogenous Size of Government. (Jan-Peter Olters).

PART III. Constitutional Economics.

Complexity, Governance and Constitutional Craftsmanship. (Richard E. Wagner).

Opting-Out: The Constitutional Economics of Exit. (Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard).

PART IV. Austrian School Perspectives.

Post-Classical Political Economy: Polity, Society and Economy in Weber, Mises and Hayek. (Peter J. Boettke and Virgil Henry Storr).

New Political Economy, Scientism and Knowledge: A Critique from a Hayekian Perspective, and a Proposal for an Extension of the Research Agenda. (Jan Schnellenbach).

PART V. New Perspectives on Transition Economies: Europe.

The "New" Political Economies. (A View from Russia) (Vladimir Kollontai).

Toward Capitalism or Away from Russia? Early Stage of Post-Soviet Economic Reforms in Belarus and the Baltics. (Andrew Savchenko).

A Political Economy Approach to the Neoclassical Model of Transition. (John Marangos).

PART VI. New Perspectives on Transition Economies: Asia.

Privilege and Corruption: The Problems of China’s Socialist Market Economy. (Shuntian Yao).

Political Culture, Economic Structure and Policy: The Laffont-Tirole Model Extended to Modern Japan. (Warren Young and Joris Meijaard).

PART VII. New Perspectives on Transition Economies: Africa.

Political Instability and Economic Growth: Implications of Coup Events in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Augustin Kwasi Fosu).

PART VIII. Radical Criticsms and Reflections.

Against the New Economic Imperialism: Some Reflections. (Jonathan Michie, Christine Oughton, and Frank Wilkinson).

Bourgeoisie Out, Expertise In: The New Political Economies at Loggerheads. (Donald Clark Hodges and Larry Lustig).