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The New Rules of Retirement: Strategies for a Secure Future, 2nd Edition


Praise for The New Rules of Retirement

"As a Wharton graduate, money manager, Chief Financial Officer, and Certified Financial Analyst, I didn't think I needed help in making investment choices and planning for my retirement. I was wrong. I have been a subscriber to Retirement Watch since 1997. I trust Bob Carlson completely and follow his investment, tax, and planning advice personally."
—SANDY KAGAN, CFA, Retired CFO, Tatum Partners

"A clear, practical, and wisely unconventional guide to the new world of retirement."
—HUMBERTO CRUZ, nationally syndicated financial columnist, Tribune Media Services

"Bob Carlson does a magnificent job preparing readers for the many challenging issues they will face over the next several decades. Retirees can no longer count on generous asset returns and employer-provided defined benefit plans. Bob provides readers with creative approaches for contending with these challenges to help ensure financially and emotionally secure 'freedom years.'"
—LAWRENCE E. KOCHARD, PhD, CFA, CEO and CIO at University of Virginia Investment Management Company

"Bob Carlson shows that three trends—demographics (baby boomers), increasing longevity, and fewer offspring—have changed forever the landscape facing America's retirees. Stereotypical retirement based on Social Security and employer pensions is out; making ends meet on your own is in. Better get yourself ready—and you can do so by reading this book."
—JAMES C. MILLER III, former U.S. Budget Director, Chairman of The CapAnalysis Group, LLC

ROBERT C. CARLSON is the editor of the monthly newsletter and website Retirement Watch, and managing member of Carlson Wealth Advisors, LLC. He is also chairman of the board of trustees of the Fairfax County Employees' Retirement System.

Preface: Retirement Has Changed…Again ix

About the Author xvii

Chapter 1 The New Rules of Retirement 1

Chapter 2 Start with Spending 11

Chapter 3 Securing and Maximizing Guaranteed Lifetime Income 29

Chapter 4 Tapping Your Nest Egg 69

Chapter 5 Managing Your Nest Egg 84

Chapter 6 Handling the Medical Expense Wild Card 100

Chapter 7 Dealing with the Crisis in Long-Term Care 133

Chapter 8 Managing IRAs to Last 166

Chapter 9 Beware the Retirement Tax Ambush 193

Chapter 10 Handling Employer Retirement Plans 213

Chapter 11 The Grandkids Need Your Help More than Ever 231

Chapter 12 Estate Planning Is More than Taxes 252

Chapter 13 Avoiding Financial Scams and Abuse 269

Chapter 14 Choosing the Right Retirement Location 278

Chapter 15 Keys to a Successful Retirement 289

Index 299