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The Options Course Workbook: Step-by-Step Exercises and Tests to Help You Master the Options Course, 2nd Edition


An indispensable, hands-on companion to The Options Course, Second Edition

In the fully updated Second Edition of The Options Course, successful options trader and acclaimed options trading instructor, George Fontanills, offers you an improved and expanded look at trading stocks and options.

Now, in The Options Course Workbook, Fontanills offers a wealth of practical learning exercises to help further your understanding of stocks and options, as well as test and apply what you've learned before you take your first step into the real markets—where time and money is a luxury you can't afford to lose.

This hands-on companion to The Options Course, Second Edition includes a complete answer key and covers a wide range of stocks and options issues including:

  • Basic trading strategies
  • Risk and margin
  • Delta neutral trading
  • Trading techniques for directional and range-bound markets
  • And much more

GEORGE A. FONTANILLS, who received his MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School, is the cofounder and President Emeritus of Optionetics, the world leader in options education, with offices around the world specializing in teaching high-profit, low-risk, low-stress options trading strategies ( Additionally, George's reputation as "the dean of options trading" has led to numerous guest appearances on television and radio shows across the country. A retired hedge fund manager, he has written and cowritten many books on trading, including Trade Options Online, The Stock Market Course, and The Volatility Course, all published by Wiley.
CHAPTER 1: Options Trading: A Primer.

CHAPTER 2: The Big Picture.

CHAPTER 3: Option Basics.

CHAPTER 4: Basic Trading Strategies.

CHAPTER 5: Introducing Vertical Spreads.

CHAPTER 6: Demystifying Delta.

CHAPTER 7: The Other Greeks.

CHAPTER 8: Straddles, Strangles, and Synthetics.

CHAPTER 9: Advanced Delta Neutral Strategies.

CHAPTER 10: Trading Techniques for Range-Bound Markets.

CHAPTER 11: Increasing Your Profits with Adjustments.

CHAPTER 12: Choosing the Right Broker.

CHAPTER 13: Processing Your Trade.

CHAPTER 14: Margin and Risk.

CHAPTER 15: A Short Course in Economic Analyses.

CHAPTER 16: Mastering the Market.

CHAPTER 17: How to Spot Explosive Opportunities.

CHAPTER 18: Tools of the Trade.

CHAPTER 19: Final Summary.