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The Orange Code: How ING Direct Succeeded by Being a Rebel with a Cause



"ING Direct—led by founding CEO Arkadi Kuhlmann—is here to stay and has begun to change the color of money from green to orange for a lot of Americans."—TOM CARPER, U.S. Senator, former governor of Delaware

"Kuhlmann and Philp show how innovation linked to a lived set of values and an uncompromising focus on the customer can power an organization to extraordinary success in a short period of time."—CHAD HOLLIDAY, Chairman and CEO, DuPont

"The Orange Code is a refreshing look at how the intangibles of leadership, corporate culture, brand, and customer experience can blend together to form a new class of assets."—CHRIS MATTHEWS, CEO, The Hay Group

"An incredible story of determination, focus, and maybe a little luck!"—KEVIN O'LEARY, Chairman, Gencap Funds Inc.

Arkadi Kuhlmann is the founding CEO of ING Direct, which has become the country's largest Internet-based bank. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of ING Direct Canada. Kuhlmann is active in a number of charitable organizations including the ING Direct Kids Foundation. Prior to starting ING Direct, he was president of North American Trust. Before that, he was president and CEO of Deak International in New York and professor of international finance and investment banking at Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, Arizona.

Bruce Philp is a writer and branding consultant with nearly thirty years' experience in the field, working with some of the world's most famous consumer brands. Philp cofounded GWP Brand Engineering, ING Direct's agency of record since its beginning, where he is today Chairman and a working consultant. He also teaches and writes for a variety of publications as well as his branding blog For more information or to contact the authors, please visit



ING Direct Today: The Business Case for Being a Rebel with a Cause.


Chapter 1 The Guy in the Cape.

Leading from the Front.

Chapter 2 Pixie Dust.

Powered by Purpose.

Chapter 3 The Dirty Dozen.

We Could Be Heroes.

Chapter 4 Clicking.

The Conundrum of Advertising.

Chapter 5 You Say You Want a Revolution?

The Opposite of a Bank.

Chapter 6 Saving the Savers.

Walking the Talk.

Chapter 7 It Takes a Village.

Building the Orange Brand Nation.

Chapter 8 The Money on the Table.

Winning the Battle, Losing the War.

Chapter 9 Steering by the Stars.

Beyond Managing.

Chapter 10 Herding Cats.

How to Snatch Defeat from the Jaws of Victory.

Epilogue Peeling the Orange.

A Guided Tour of the Orange Code, and What It Means to Us.

Appendix A : Orange Milestones — An ING Direct Time Line.

Appendix B : The Voice of Advocacy.

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