The Outsider's Edge: The Making of Self-Made Billionaires


What do Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson have in common that has led to their incredible success? They’re outsiders. In this exciting new book, Brent D. Taylor uses a sample of 17 self-made billionaires to explain why they’re outsiders and how they found the edge that has led them to extreme wealth. Taylor puts the lives of these billionaires under a microscope in order to discover the secrets that have catapulted them to their extraordinary status.  Find out the unexpected and fascinating details that have led these very different individuals to share the label of "billionaire."

Brent D. Taylor (Melbourne, Australia) is a respected social and market researcher. For the past twenty years he has provided advice to Australian governments and large corporations. He was a director of KPMG for four years and ran KPMG’s Centre for Consumer Behavior. As a researcher Brent has always been fascinated with extreme achievers, however he became increasingly frustrated with the lack of explanation as to why extreme achievers are the way they are. His curiosity and drive have led him to write the exciting Outsider’s Edge.
Taylor gained a bachelor of Engineering from Auckland University. He then earned an honours degree in psychology at Melbourne University. He is currently a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society.
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Preface vii

Part I — Introduction

1 Why haven't I got what Bill Gates has? 3

2 Seeking the causes of extreme wealth 5

Part II — Biographies

3 Bill Gates 13

4 Warren Buffett 25

5 Ingvar Kamprad 37

6 Larry Ellison 47

7 Carl Icahn 59

8 George Soros 69

9 Steve Jobs 79

10 Charles Schwab 93

11 Ralph Lauren 103

12 David Geffen 115

13 Frank Lowy 125

14 Richard Branson 137

15 George Lucas 151

16 Bernie Ecclestone 165

17 Steven Spielberg 177

18 Oprah Winfrey 187

19 John Sperling 195

Part III — The big picture

20 Finding the pattern 207

21 Outsiders and their edge 219

Part IV — Beginnings matter

22 Development pain 243

23 Salvation 287

24 Learning about learning 293

25 Trading intelligence 301

Part V — Lessons learned

26 Don't try this at home, folks 313

27 Hope for the future 319

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