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The Part-Time Trader: Trading Stock as a Part-Time Venture, + Website


Praise for The Part-Time Trader

"For those of you who toe the line between nine-to-five jobs and trading, Ryan Mallory's The Part-Time Trader is a godsend. His advice and insights will help you make money in the markets and maintain your career."
--Jason Raznick, CEO,

"The idea of quitting your job to trade the markets full-time from home sounds fantastic but is unrealistic for most people. The Part-Time Trader will show you how anyone can do both well. Ryan's personal stories about how he managed both his career and trading accounts will serve as a road map for anyone who wants to have the best of both worlds. You'll learn how to balance both 'lives,' excel in your career, and earn extra income with your trading."
--Tim Bourquin,

"Sick of your day job? Want to trade full-time or enjoy a retirement career that needs nothing but your computer and some stock charts? If this sounds like you, I want you to meet Ryan Mallory, founder of and author of The Part-Time Trader. Ryan has walked the walk, and in his new book, he lays out a clear and easy-to-follow blueprint to reach your goal of trading for a living."
--John Nyaradi, Publisher, Wall Street Sector Selector (

"In The Part-Time Trader, Ryan provides a road map for aspiring traders to become successful while still holding a full-time job. Ryan combines personal experience with practical tips to develop trading strategies that don't require constant monitoring (and how to avoid detection from coworkers!). If you dream of becoming a trader but don't see how that's possible within your current limitations, this book may hold the solution for you."
--Corey Rosenbloom, CMT, President,, author of The Complete Trading Course

"I have known Ryan personally for over a decade as both a great friend and business partner. I have found him to be a unique trader who is committed to extracting profits from the market. This is a must-read for those traders trying to balance a corporate schedule and wanting to make consistent profits in the market. His book is an outstanding, humorous, and helpful investment/trading resource. It is thorough, easy to understand, and has a uniquely appealing style and readability. But most important, it will teach you to be a better, more disciplined trader, no matter your circumstance."
--Matt Walters, cofounder of

Ryan Mallory is cofounder of SharePlanner Inc., a financial website established in 2006 with the goal of providing a real-time trade environment that allows readers to benefit from his trading setups, risk mitigation strategies, trading transparency, watch-lists, investor education, and stock screens for all types of market conditions. After serving as an intern for Senator Richard Shelby during his college years, and jobs of all types thereafter, Mallory shifted his career focus from the corporate world to the financial markets, a choice that led to him cofounding Mallory received a BA from the University of Central Florida and earned an MBA from Nova Southeastern University. The Part-Time Trader is his first book.

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CHAPTER 1 So How Much Do You Really Hate Your Job? 3

CHAPTER 2 How Did I Become a Full-Time Trader? 17

CHAPTER 3 Where Wall Street Meets the Offi ce 35

CHAPTER 4 Don't Quit Your Day Job ... SERIOUSLY! 49

CHAPTER 5 The Essentials to Your "Workplace Trading Desk" 65


CHAPTER 6 Before You Clock In 81

CHAPTER 7 Your Best Friend Is the Person Who Works in IT 95

CHAPTER 8 Flying Below the Radar 111

CHAPTER 9 Adding a Passive Income to Your Day Job 123

CHAPTER 10 The Best Way to Trade at Work 135


CHAPTER 11 Trading Habits You Will Want to Avoid 149

CHAPTER 12 You Still Have to Get Your Real Work Done 161

CHAPTER 13 What to Say and Do if Trading Becomes a Distraction 171

CHAPTER 14 More of My Personal Tricks of the Trade 181

CHAPTER 15 Take This Job and Shove It 193

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