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The Poker Face of Wall Street


Praise for The Poker Face of Wall Street

"Playing high-level poker, trading options, marketing bonds, and being a professor of finance—Aaron Brown has done them all."
—Edward O. Thorp, author of Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One and Beat the Market: A Scientific Stock Market System

"The first attempt to help individual investors profit from a better understanding of the art of gambling. There may be few individuals better suited to take on such a controversial argument with such authority."
—Stephen Schurr, Financial Times

"Brown's model is instantly graspable, but contrary to the conventional wisdom on both economics and gambling."
—Publishers Weekly

"The author provides investment professionals an immensely valuable benefit by challenging them to consider familiar issues from new angles. His book is not only entertaining, but also full of provocative ideas that merit lengthy and serious engagement."
—Martin Fridson, Financial Analysts Journal

"How to be a poker pro and much more . . . a delightful journey through risk concepts with a Wall Street derivatives trader. A great read and a good manual for understanding risk."
—Dr. William T. Ziemba, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Aaron Brown is an executive director at the investment bank Morgan Stanley and a serious lifelong poker player who has played with Wall Street tycoons and world champion poker pros. He holds degrees in applied mathematics from Harvard and finance from the University of Chicago. He has been a finance professor and a trader as well as a portfolio manager and risk manager for Prudential Insurance, JPMorgan, Rabobank, and Citigroup.



Chapter 1. The Art of Uncalculated Risk.

Chapter 2. Poker Basics.

Chapter 3. Finance Basics.

Chapter 4. A Brief History of Risk Denial.

Chapter 5. Pokernomics.

Chapter 6. Son of a Soft Money Bank.

Chapter 7. The Once-Bold Mates of Morgan.

Chapter 8. The Games People Play.

Chapter 9. Who Got Game.

Chapter 10. Utility Belt.

Annotated Bibliography.