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The Retooled Practice Management Strategy: How to Attract More Clients, Grow Organically, and Operate More Efficiently


The business of financial advice will not maintain the level of success its achieved  without a systematic and consistent focus on innovation and business evolution. Advisors have built their businesses by baby boomers for baby boomers. Few have seriously retooled aspects of their business to ensure their relevance in the face of current trends and technological shifts.

The book will discuss:

  • The rise of powerful consumers like the millennial generation and women
  • The desire for workflow and workplaces that are easy to operate in
  • Ubiquitous technology experiences in our non-financial lives that, if mirrored, could create more interactions with our investors and workforce that are easy, fun, fast, and help to simplify complex issues, communicate real-time, save time and minimize frustrations
  • The demand for financial advice that has outstripped the number of professionals qualified to deliver that – and the opportunity to rethink succession planning as growth planning and leverage technology to scale business
  • The changing preferences of younger talent and what they look for in careers and leaders

Combining a  fact-based approach with case studies and examples of advisor decisions, this book will be a detailed guide for financial advisors on adjusting their strategy to attract more clients, grow organically, and operate more efficiently by practice management experts Mark Tibergien and Kim Dellarocca.