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The Secret of Candlestick Charting: Strategies for Trading the Australian Markets


"Australian investors have been waiting a long time for this book... At last, a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to candlestick charting." - David Chia, Private Client Adviser

Most trades in the Australian stock and futures markets begin by using conventional bar charts to generate buy and sell signals - until they discover the analytical power of candlestick charting.

This Japanese techniques has stood the test of time as it dates back over 300 years. Candlestick charts pinpoint trend changes prior to many other indicators. Whether you are a beginner or a sophisticated investor, you can learn how to use candlestick charting to trade the market profitably, beginning with your next trade.

In this book you will discover a technique that has the potential to completely alter the way you view charting, yet is complementary to any of the knowledge that you have accumulated so far about technical analysis. This book not only reveals the main continuation and reversal patterns apparent in current Australian markets, but it also describes unique strategies which put these patterns into context. Written in easy-to-understand language, these techniques are highly recommended for any traders or investors who wish to develop their technical analysis abilities and enhance their profitability.

Louise Bedford has degrees in Psychology and Business from Monash University. She trades full-time from her home in Melbourne and is a regular speaker on the subject. She conducts workshops and seminars throughout Australia and is the author of the top-selling books, The Secret of Writing Options, Trading Secrets and Charting Secrets.
Part I - Candlestick Pattern Secrets

1 Let's Get Started

2 Single-Line Candle Reversal Patterns

3 Two-Line Candle reversal Patterns

4 Three-Line Candle Reversal Patterns

5 Trading Concepts and Continuation Patterns

Part II - Analysis Secrets

6 Candles and Gaps

7 Support and Resistance

8 Western Techniques and Candles

9 Share Stages

Part III - Trading Secrets

10 A Kindred Spirit

11 Seven Golden Candlestick Rules

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