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The Short-Term Trading Course


Run time: 120 minutes. MarketWise Trading School founder David Nassar is a trading maverick who entered the short-term trading arena years before it became standard practice. His best-selling How to Get Started in Electronic Day Trading book was one of the first short-term trading books. Now, he's put all his trading know-how into a 2-hour, power-packed presentation.

This course offers exciting and original new strategies for conquering any market climate. David debunks many of investing's most revered practices as "pure myth" when it comes to market success, explaining why those practices simply don't work in today's short-term markets - and why they're exactly what not to do. Instead, he shares his own proven methods with you.

He's one of the best trading instructors there is, because he's a real world trader. His entertaining workshop provides penetrating insight into:

  • The 3 driving forces behind changing stock prices
  • 5 different "edges" to look for before entering any trade
  • The key to profitability in trading: anticipate, don't just participate
  • Debunking the "volume myth" - learning to recognize when trading action really drives the biggest price moves
  • Understanding & employing the "Fibonacci sequences" and so much more!

From the basics to advanced techniques, Nassar provides a virtual blueprint for anyone who hopes to profitably transition from long-term investor to short-term trader, while revealing concepts even seasoned traders will find refreshing. Clear, concise, and comprehensive - it's an amazing "5-star" rated workshop for traders of all levels.

Discover new and innovative techniques that fly in the face of accepted market wisdom as Marketwise Trading School founder David Nassar lays out a complete game plan for short-term trading success. This awesome 2-hour course is fast-paced, thorough and contains so many original new concepts that even the most seasoned pros are raving about it. Trading basics to advanced charting.