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The StockTwits Edge: 40 Actionable Trade Set-Ups from Real Market Pros


Praise for The StockTwits Edge: 40 Actionable Trade Set-Ups from Real Market Pros

"Howard Lindzon has tapped into a unique talent pool: He has 'crowd-sourced' the task of figuring out who the up and coming traders and fund managers are via social media. Unearthing the next Stevie Cohen via social leverage is a fascinating concept. Kudos to Lindzon for figuring this out long before most of Wall Street even knew what the hell Twitter was."
Barry Ritholtz, President of Fusion IQ, author, Bailout Nation

"The perfect book for traders, whether new or existing. It is fast, fun, and smart; with something for anyone who wants to understand how their trading peers can help them secure their financial future."
Paul Kedrosky, Entrepreneur, editor, Infectious Greed

"I affectionately regard my friend Howard Lindzon as the Larry King of social media. He and his talented team at StockTwits created an online Grand Central Station for active traders. This book showcases some of the many talented traders you will find on the 'stream' daily. For those interested in learning a variety of ideas on how to trade stocks, The StockTwits Edge is a great resource."
Mark Minervini, Stock Market Wizard, 1997 U.S. Investing Champion

"I wake up, I have coffee, I exercise, I read, I write, I go on StockTwits to get stock ideas, I then make money with them. I eat. I sleep. Repeat."
James Altucher

"StockTwits is a truly unique community where thoughts, opinions, and ideas on economics, finance, and trading are shared, debated, and sometimes even agreed upon. Its users are passionate about their involvement and this real-time conversation is built on the simple idea that markets are a social eco-system—an ever-changing wealth of information. The StockTwits Edge exemplifies this collective passion and breadth of knowledge."
Allan Schoenberg, Director, Corporate Communications, CME Group

Howard Lindzon is cofounder and CEO of StockTwits®—an idea network for traders and investors known as the "Facebook of Finance"—recently named "one of the top 10 most innovative companies in web" by FastCompany and one of the "50 best websites" by Time magazine. He has over twenty years experience in the financial community acting in both an entrepreneurial and investing capacity; and is the Managing Partner of Social Leverage, a holding company that invests in early stage web businesses. Mr. Lindzon has tremendous insight into new media and is a very active angel investor in the financial and internet business sectors, invested and involved with over thirty companies. He created Wallstrip, and over 400 original web video shows, which was purchased by CBS Corp. in 2007. He has made many successful angel investments including:,, Lifelock, and Internet Brands. Mr. Lindzon's new media and internet business investments also include:,, Buddy Media, TubeMogul,, and Tweetdeck, to name a few.

Philip Pearlman is the Executive Editor of StockTwits and an investor in the company. He is a partner at Social Leverage, LLC. Pearlman is obsessed with the psychosocial aspects of user experience and online community development. He ran a hedge fund that focused on behavioral strategies and currently runs a private account. Pearlman loves to buy fear and sell euphoria. He earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Argosy University and a BA in English from the University of Maryland. Pearlman lives with his wife and two boys in Montebello, New York.

Ivaylo Ivanhoff has been trading stocks and derivatives for his own account on U.S. and European markets since 2003. He participated in the development of a proprietary algorithm that ranks momentum stocks. Ivanhoff writes daily market commentary on He earned his MBA and MS finance from Webster University in Saint Louis, Missouri.



CHAPTER 1 Find Trends, Ride Them, and Get Off (Howard Lindzon).

CHAPTER 2 Trade, Trend, Tail (Keith McCullough).

CHAPTER 3 Don’t Quit (Michael K. Dawson).

CHAPTER 4 Know Thyself (Chris Peruna).

CHAPTER 5 Insider Information Is Reflected in the Charts (Keith Kern).


CHAPTER 6 Margin of Safety (Todd Sullivan).

CHAPTER 7 The BeanScreen (Daniel Miller and Jason Robinson).

CHAPTER 8 Fallen Angels (Michael Bigger).

CHAPTER 9 Dividends Don’t Lie (Eddy Elfenbein).


CHAPTER 10 Only Price Pays (Brian Shannon).

CHAPTER 11 Intraday Earnings Momentum Gap Trade (John Lee).

CHAPTER 12 Trading the News (Mike Bellafiore).

CHAPTER 13 Intraday Momentum (Steven Spencer).

CHAPTER 14 The Underlying Psychology of Large Players (Gilbert Mendez).


CHAPTER 15 Flags and Wedges (Joe Donohue).

CHAPTER 16 Breakout from a Tight Base (chessNwine).

CHAPTER 17 The Base Is Everything (HCPG).

CHAPTER 18 Trading People, Not Stocks (Joey Fundora).

CHAPTER 19 The Top-Down Technician (Greg Harmon).

CHAPTER 20 Identifying Trend Shifts (Derek Hernquist).

CHAPTER 21 A Chart Will Never Lie to You (Sunrise Trader).

CHAPTER 22 The Short Squeeze Trade (Frank Zorrila).

CHAPTER 23 The Price Tells the Story (Derald Muniz).

CHAPTER 24 Force Confirmations, Not Trades (Nick Fenton).

CHAPTER 25 The Birth of a New Trend (Ivaylo Ivanhoff).

CHAPTER 26 The Trend Intensity Breakout Setup (Pradeep Bonde).


CHAPTER 27 Unusual Options Activity (Joe Kunkle).

CHAPTER 28 Put Ratio Spread (Jared Woodard).

CHAPTER 29 Know What You Don’t Know (Adam Warner).

CHAPTER 30 There Is Always an Option (Steven Place).

CHAPTER 31 Selling Premium (Darren Miller).

CHAPTER 32 The New High Dip (Chris Stauder).


CHAPTER 33 They Call Me Mrs. Cable (Lydia Idem).

CHAPTER 34 The Mind of a Chartist (Raghee Horner).


CHAPTER 35 Trading Is an Art (The Fly).

CHAPTER 36 Embrace the Tape (Quint Tatro).

CHAPTER 37 Macro Setups at the Crest of Structural Change (Gregor Macdonald).

CHAPTER 38 Broken Butterfly Formation (Anne-Marie Baiynd).

CHAPTER 39 Always Happy, Never Satisfied (Joshua Brown).

CHAPTER 40 One Step Ahead of the Herd (John Benedict).

CHAPTER 41 Change Is the Only Constant (Steve Gomez and Andy Lindloff).

CHAPTER 42 The Kirk Report (Charles E. Kirk).

CHAPTER 43 Stick with Names You Know (Ronald Roll).

CHAPTER 44 Massive Trends and the Trajectory of Noise (Phil Pearlman).

CHAPTER 45 We Have Met the Enemy, and It Is Us (Abdel Ibrahim).

CHAPTER 46 A Contrarian at Heart (John Welsh).