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The Supernova Advisor: Crossing the Invisible Bridge to Exceptional Client Service and Consistent Growth



"Grow your business by shrinking it? Counterintuitive, to be sure, but it works! As developed by Rob Knapp and his team, Supernova literally has revolutionized the practice of wealth management."
James Gorman, President and COO, Global Wealth Management Group, Morgan Stanley

"The Supernova process has changed financial advisors' businesses and lives. Those who have embraced Supernova have seen rapidly growing businesses, more efficient use of time, and increased client satisfaction. Supernova is a recipe for success!"
Robert Mulholland, former head of the Americas Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group

"The greatest insights in life are most often profoundly simple. It took Rob an entire career to distill all his successes in the financial world and bring them to life in his Supernova Model. I've known Rob for over a decade. He is a brilliant thought leader, and this book is Rob at his best. His secrets to financial management success are now available to every professional."
James E. Loehr, EdD, Chairman and CEO, Human Performance Institute

"I'm a huge Rob Knapp fan just as you'll be by the time you get to the middle of chapter one in this book. Rob makes you want to follow him because it will set you free, free to become the most successful and fulfilled advisor coach in your niche of the world. Rob Knapp is a rare person who can lead a traditional command and control organization through genuine sustainable change. And when that person is neither the Commander nor the Controller of that organization, it's beyond rare. It's remarkable. It's in the realm of phenomenon."
From the Foreword by Larry Wilson, renowned change consultant, and author of Play to Win!: Choosing Growth Over Fear in Work and Life

"Supernova inspired genuine success during a challenging time. It was a journey of personal and professional discovery, and Rob Knapp was there for every step, a focal point of discipline, optimism, innovation, and opportunity. Rob is an exceptional leader and communicator. It was his passion and perseverance that made the 'Invisible Bridge' visible for thousands of professionals."
Jim Walker, Managing Director and COO, Investment Advisory Services, Citi Smith Barney

"After thirty-four years of success, Rob Knapp reveals the secrets of building a Supernova practice. Every financial advisor should study this pivotal work from one of the true masters of the industry."
Steve Siebold, CSP, author of 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

Rob Knapp is a former Managing Director for Merrill Lynch and the architect of Supernova, which he developed with a team of financial advisors and leaders at Merrill Lynch. His passion for coaching talented individuals to reach exceptional levels of performance has solidified his reputation throughout the financial services sector as a visionary and creative leader.


Introduction: Stepping onto the Invisible Bridge: Your Journey toward the Exceptional.

Chapter 1: The Trouble with Success: The Tyranny of the 80/20 Rule.

Chapter 2: Contact: The Humble Foundation of the Ultimate Client Experience.

Chapter 3: Segmentation: The Supernova Non-negotiable.

Chapter 4: Organization: Promises Made, Promises Kept.

Chapter 5: Planning: Inspired Action.

Chapter 6: Acquisition: Explosive Growth under Control.

Chapter 7: Leading the Practice: Leaders Developing Leaders.

Final Thoughts on Moving Forward.

About the Author.