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The UK and The Euro


In the near future the UK will need to decide whether or not to join the euro. Yet few of us really understand the issues at stake. Will the Government lose control of the economy if we join or will we lose investment and weaken our international voice if we remain outside the euro? When, if ever, will the time be right to join?
In this clear, accessible guide, Paul Temperton, explains in a straightforward and totally impartial manner the pros and cons of the UK joining the euro. This book contains all the information necessary for the layperson to make up his or her own mind about an issue that will affect the lives of everybody living in the UK.

PAUL TEMPERTON CFA is a leading expert on the euro, Europe's single currency. This is his fifth book on the subject. Paul set up TIER (The Independent Economic Research Company) in 1993, having previously worked as an economist for the Bank of England and Merrill Lynch. He has advised governments, central banks, and companies in 26 different countries on the euro and its implications.
Paul is married with two children and lives in Buckinghamshire in the UK.



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