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The Vital Few vs. the Trivial Many: Invest with the Insiders, Not the Masses


Praise for The Vital Few VS. the Trivial Many

"George Muzea's unique approach and market savvy make this a must-read for any investor who is serious about trying to understand what is really going on inside companies. He is hands-down the best analyst of insider activity in the business."
—Jon Jacobson
Managing Director, Highfields Capital

"George Muzea is an insider trading whiz. George sells his research to the cr¿me de la cr¿me of institutional investors. His market calls have been uncanny. Knowing men like George is one of the perks of my job."
—Herb Greenberg
CBS MarketWatch and Editor of Herb Greenberg's RealityCheck

"Most investors lose money in the stock market because of a lack of discipline. George Muzea provides a distinct course of action for those who want to win instead of lose. Having followed the market and Mr. Muzea for a number of years, I have no doubt that those who read this book would become better investors."
—Stanley Druckenmiller
General Partner of Duquesne Capital

Filled with in-depth insight and expert advice, The Vital Few vs. The Trivial Many will open your eyes to a new way of looking at the investment world, especially the stock market. You'll discover how to look past media hype to discern what the Vital Few or corporate insiders—those who know their companies best—are doing. By explaining which information is accurate and valuable, as opposed to that which is misleading and financially hazardous, investment professional George Muzea will show you how to successfully and intelligently evaluate the stock market and find valuable gems that have yet to be discovered by the masses.

George Muzea has nearly forty years of experience as an investment professional. He is founder and President of Muzea Insider Consulting Services LLC, which advises well-known money management firms and whose impressive client list includes famed speculator George Soros's right-hand man, Stanley Druckenmiller, and other former Soros Fund Management partners. Muzea is frequently quoted in both print and broadcast media and is a popular speaker at investment forums nationwide.Visit George Muzea at



Chapter 1: Key Reasons Investors Lose Money.

Chapter 2: Solution to Mistake #1: Use the Right Strategy.

Chapter 3: Solution to Mistake #2: Understand the Correct Way to Follow Market Letter Writers and Media Experts.

Chapter 4: Solution to Mistake #3: Know When the Odds of Investment Success Are in Your Favor.

Chapter 5: Insiders, The Vital Few.

Chapter 6: Divergence Is the Key to Following The Vital Few.

Chapter 7: Examples of The Vital Few versus The Trivial Many.

Chapter 8: Sharpening Your Ability to Process Investment Information From Print and Television Media.

Chapter 9: Increasing Your Knowledge of When to Buy Stocks and When to Stay on the Sidelines.

Chapter 10: How to Find Information on The Vital Few and The Trivial Many.

Chapter 11: Technical Analysis and Insider Trading.

Chapter 12: Risks and Rewards of Being a Contrarian Investor.

Chapter 13: The Magic T: The Complete Strategy for Making Consistent Money In the Stock Market.

Chapter 14: Examples of the Magic T in Action.

Epilogue: Combining George Soros’ Reflexivity Theory with The Vital Few versus The Trivial Many.

Appendix A: For Short Sellers (Handle with Caution).

Appendix B: For Investors Who Like to Buy Stock Bottoms.

Appendix C: For Investors Who Don’t Want to Buy Only Stocks.

Appendix D: Tweaking the Magic T.