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The World Economy, Global Trade Policy 1996


This book is the second in an annual series in which top economists provide a concise and accessible summary of policy development, GATT country reviews and special issues on international trade over the past year. Over a number of years the series will create a valuable reference resource, acting as a vehicle for stimulating interest in current trade policy issues both at the regional level and at the global level.

This volume contains evaluations of several WTO trade policy reports and analyses of trade policy and environmental protection, competition policy and future trade negotiations, the OECD's role in trade and investment liberalization, regionalism's bias against agriculture, and EU membership for Eastern European countries. TPRMs examined include Japan, the EU, Canada, Israel, Indonesia, and Zimbabwe.

Sven Arndt is C. M. Stone Professor of Money, Credit and Trade, and Director of the Lowe Institute of Political Economy, at Claremont McKenna College, California. He has served as Director of the Office of International Monetary Research at the US Treasury; as a visiting scholar at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and as trade project director at the American Enterprise Institute. He is founder and President of the Commons Institute for International Economic Studies, and a vice-president of the North American Economics and Finance Association.

Chris Milner is Professor of International Economics and Research Fellow of the Centre for Research in Economic Development and International Trade (CREDIT) at the University of Nottingham. He was previously Professor of Economics at Loughborough University and has held a visiting post at Vanderbilt University. He has considerable experience of trade policy studies in developing countries, and has been a consultant to the World Bank, EC, UNIDO, UNCTAD and Commonwealth Secretariat.

1. Introduction: Sven Arndt (Claremont McKenna College) and Chris Milner (University of Nottingham). Institutional Focus.

2. The Role of the OECD in Liberalizing International Trade and Capital Flows: David Henderson (OECD). Regional Focus.

3. Central Europe Looks West: Henryk Kierzkowski (Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva).

4. Regionalism and the Bias Against Agriculture in Less Developed Countries: Dean A. DeRosa (ADR International, Virginia). National Trade Policy Reviews.

5. Canadian Trade Policy: The GATT's 1995 Review: Ronald Wonnacott (University of Western Ontario).

6. The Trade Policy Review of the European Union: Jacques Pelkmans and Antonia Giulia Carzaniga (Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels).

7. The Trade Policy Review of Indonesia: George Fane (Australian National University).

8. Israel's Trade Policy Review of Israel: Mordechai E. Krenin (Michigan State University).

9. The Trade Policy Review of Japan: Robert M. Stern (University of Michigan).

10. The Trade Policy Review of Zimbabwe: Jan Willem Gunning (Free University, Amsterdam). Special Features.

11. The Scope, Implication and Economic Rationale of a Competition-oriented Approach to Future Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Geza Feketekuty (Monterey Institute of International Studies) and Robert A. Rogowsky (US International Trade Commission).

12. Trade Policy and Environmental Protection: Horst Siebert (Kiel Institute of World Economics).