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Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple: How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market


In these historically difficult markets where quantitative easing and forced selling are the norm, Gil Morales and Chris Kacher show how to apply, with incredible success, their unique investment tools and methods in an increasingly volatile trading environment. However, beyond their 'pocket pivot point' investment method, their short-sale setups and their groundbreaking 'Dr. K market timing tool,' what is truly amazing is to learn how professional traders analyze their mistakes and correct them. It is not great tools that make great traders, it is humility and flexibility combined with decisive action that determines one's 'success or failure.'
Pascal Willain, independent trader and inventor of volume-based indicators, author of Value in Time

"If you only read one book this year, read this one. It turns everything you know inside out and changes the way you see the things that matter. In a world full of fake promises and hype, here is something real. Morales' and Kacher's vision, passion, and dynamism is [proven]by their results. Lots of people talk, they have delivered. If you really want to succeed in a very uncertain world, read this book. It will change your success."
Dr. Michael Meegan, author of All Will Be Well

What the market will do is anyone's guess. What it is doing should be anything but.

From the successes and failures of two William O'Neil insiders, Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple: How We Made 18,000% in the Stock Market is a detailed look at how to trade using William O'Neil's proven strategies, as well as what it was like working side-by-side with the Wall Street legend.

Detailing both the technical information and the trading psychology that has worked so well for them, and including a market direction timing model, Trade Like an O'Neil Disciple breaks down what every savvy money manager, trader, or investor needs to know to profit enormously in today's stock market.

GIL MORALES is the author and publisher of; coauthor and publisher of; a former senior proprietary internal Portfolio Manager and Chief Market Strategist for William O'Neil + Company; and is currently a Managing Director of MoKa Investors, LLC. He also co-authored, with William J. O'Neil, the Wiley title, How to Make Money Selling Stocks Short. Mr. Morales received his BA in economics from Stanford University.

CHRIS KACHER is a frequent contributor to; coauthor and publisher of; a former research analyst and senior proprietary internal Portfolio Manager for William O'Neil + Company; and a Managing Director of MoKa Investors, LLC. He received his BS in chemistry and PhD in nuclear physics from the University of California at Berkeley.




CHAPTER 1 The Evolution of Excellence: The O’Neil Trading Method.

Preparation, Study, and Practice.

Buy Expensive—Not Cheap—Stocks.

Averaging Down.

Cutting Losses Quickly.

Taking Profits Too Soon—Letting Your Winners Run.

Position Concentration.

Dealing in Big Stocks and Institutional Sponsorship.

Chart Patterns.

Pivotal Points versus Pivot Points.

Timing the Market: When to Be In, When to Be Out.

Emotions and Predictions.

Listening to Opinions, News, and Tips.


The O'Neil Approach: Techno-Fundamentalism.


CHAPTER 2 How Chris Kacher Made Over 18,000 Percent in the Stock Market Over Seven Years.

Gaining a Foothold in the Business.

1996—"Y2K" Stocks Put Me Over the Top.

1997—Keeping Profits during the Asian Contagion.

1998—Demoralization Sets In Just Before the Market Takes Off.

1999—The Bubble Expands.

2000—The Bubble Bursts.

2001—A Lesson in Shorting.

2002 to Present—Choppy, Sideways Markets and the Birth of the Pocket Pivot.

CHAPTER 3 How Gil Morales Made Over 11,000 Percent in the Stock Market.

A Rocky Start Turns Golden.

Climbing on Board the Rocket Ride.

Joining the 1,000 Percent Club.

Oracle Bubbles Up.

Patience and a Watchful Eye.

Cleared for Take-Off.

Verisign: The "Spice in the Soup".

Sitting Not Thinking.

Closing In on the Top.

The Theme of Success.

The Secret Ingredients.

CHAPTER 4 Failing Forward.

The Psychology of Success Lies in Taming the Ego.

Learning from Our Mistakes.

Problems, Situations, and Solutions.


CHAPTER 5 Tricks of the Trade.

Dr. K's Laboratory: The Pocket Pivot Advantage.

Characteristics of Pocket Pivots.

Definition of a Pocket Pivot Buy Point.

Pocket Pivots and Standard Breakout Buy Points.

Buying "in the Pocket".

Bottom-Fishing with Pocket Pivots.

Continuation Pocket Pivots: Using the 10-Day Moving Average.

Improper or "Do Not Buy" Pocket Pivot Points.

Using Moving Averages as Sell Guides.

Dr. K's Laboratory: Buying Gap-Ups in Leading Stocks.

Selling Techniques Using the 10-Day and 50-Day Moving Averages.

Putting It All Together.


CHAPTER 6 Riding the Bear Wave: Timely Tools for Selling Stocks Short.

The Golden Rules of Short-Selling.

Short-Sale Set-Ups.

Shorting Rocket Stocks.


CHAPTER 7 Dr. K's Market Direction Model.

Timing the Market.

Chart Examples.

Stealing the Model's Secrets.

Timing Model FAQ.


CHAPTER 8 Our Bill of Commandments.


Surviving by Keeping Ego in Check.

The First Commandment.

The Second Commandment.

The Third Commandment.

The Fourth Commandment.

The Fifth Commandment.

The Sixth Commandment.

The Seventh Commandment.

The Eighth Commandment.

The Ninth Commandment.

The Tenth Commandment.


CHAPTER 9 In the Trenches with Bill O'Neil.



The Great Bear of 2001–2002.

2003–2005 Bull Market.


CHAPTER 10 Trading Is Life; Life Is Trading.

Ed Seykota: Teaching a Technique That Has Helped Traders around the World.

Eckhart Tolle: Helping People Achieve Inner Peace and Greater Fulfillment, a Prerequisite to Optimized Trading and Living.

Esther Hicks: Teacher of the Law of Attraction.

Jack Canfield: Seminal Works on Personal Optimization.

Psychological Checklist: Questions to Ask Yourself.

Parallels between Teachings.

In Conclusion.

APPENDIX Dr. K's Top 50 Wall Street Books.

About the Authors.