Trade Options Online, 2nd Edition


Praise for Trade Options Online, 2nd Edition

"The sophistication of online options trading platforms has continued to grow and modern traders have unparalleled tools at their disposal. However, without knowing how to use these tools, they are useless. George's book is the perfect complement for anyone trading options online. All key strategies are covered in concise detail and explained with good examples. This is an excellent reference to support online options trading."—John-Paul Drysdale, CEO, Hubb,

"As cofounder and President of Optionetics, as well as a seasoned options trader with a successful pedigree, George Fontanills continues his leadership in successful options trading with this new edition. George provides step-by-step coverage of proven managed risk option trading strategies against a backdrop of fundamental and technical methods. This is a must-read for anyone serious about options trading."—Laurence J. Pino, Esq., Chairman and CEO, Dynetech, Inc.

"George Fontanills has continued to do what he has done for years: educate people in the ways to use options to improve their investing performance with an eye on managing risk. He speaks of things that all traders should learn: setting up replicable systems, limiting downside risk and maximizing upside rewards, and generating consistent returns over long periods of time. Online options trading has become sophisticated enough to really narrow the gap between retail and institutional execution capabilities."—George Ruhana, CEO, OptionsHouse, LLC

"If you trade options, want to trade options, or even think you want to trade options, this is a 'must' book to have. You will read and re-read it, each time learning something new. George Fontanills is the master options teacher."—Ned W. Bennett, CEO and Cofounder, optionsXpress, Inc.

GEORGE A. FONTANILLS, MBA, is the cofounder of Optionetics, the world leader in options education ( His reputation as "the dean of options trading" has led to numerous guest appearances on television and radio shows across the country. A retired hedge fund manager, Fontanills has written or cowritten many books on trading, including the first edition of Trade Options Online, The Volatility Course, The Stock Market Course, The Index Trading Course, and The Options Course, Second Edition, all of which are published by Wiley.

Introduction: Online Trading in the Twenty-first Century.

Chapter 1 The Options Market Today.

Chapter 2 Online Investing 101.

Chapter 3 Online Trading Resources.

Chapter 4 A Primer for Trading Stocks and Options.

Chapter 5 Basic Option Trading Strategies.

Chapter 6 Vertical Spreads.

Chapter 7 Delta Neutral Strategies.

Chapter 8 Ratio Spreads and Backspreads.

Chapter 9 Sideways Strategies.

Chapter 10 The Futures Market.

Chapter 11 Online Trading from A to Z.

Chapter 12 The Quest for the Ultimate Online Brokerage.

Chapter 13 Order Processing.

Chapter 14 Ready, Set, Engage.

Appendix A Useful Tables, Data, and Strategy Reviews.

Appendix B Market Analysis Terminology.

Appendix C Financial Software Guide.

Appendix D Financial Web Site Guide.

Appendix E Online Brokerage Directory.