Trades About to Happen: A Modern Adaptation of the Wyckoff Method


Praise for Trades About to Happen

"I first heard David speak over thirty years ago and immediately was interested in his work. His explication of the Wyckoff method is the best there is. I was so inspired by David's oratory that I immediately went to work to quantify and automate his ideas. It has been an important part of our firm's success over the years."
—TOBY CRABEL, Crabel Capital Management

"Having worked with some of the great technicians over my nearly thirty years in the hedge fund industry and on Wall Street, I feel qualified to wholeheartedly endorse David Weis's book and teachings. His four decades of experience as a student and practitioner of Wyckoffian principles—effort vs. result, support and resistance, how to follow professional money in the markets—make his book an invaluable read. Weis reveals proprietary tools that he uses to great advantage in the markets and that build on and advance the methods taught by Richard Wyckoff over 100 years ago. Weis's approach to chart analysis and tape reading will help simplify and clarify the supply-demand dynamics underlying stocks and futures and provide ample clues to their next move."

"When I first met David Weis, I realized immediately that his reputation as one of the world's greatest teachers and experts in the Wyckoff trading method was well deserved. His adaptation of Wyckoff's tape-reading chart into the Weis Wave indicator is a major contribution. Traders who want to learn how to recognize the large operators' footprints on a chart will want to read Trades About to Happen. This book is destined to become a classic."
—GAVIN HOLMES, CEO, TradeGuider Systems International

"Hands down, David's Wave Chart is the most valuable trading tool I know."
—Dr. GARY DAYTON, Trading Psychology Edge

DAVID H. WEIS is a market analyst with nearly forty years' experience. He served as the director of technical research for ContiCommodities, Inc., during the mid-1980s. Weis has conducted seminars and workshops on technical trading throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, and is the recognized authority on the trading methods of Richard Wyckoff. He is the former editor of the Elliott Wave Commodity Letter, published by Robert Prechter, and the former editor/publisher of Technical Forces, a monthly market letter centered around price/volume analysis. Weis has also written numerous articles on technical analysis and is the author of Trading with the Elliott Wave Principle: A Practical Guide. He is the developer of the Weis Wave, a unique indicator that reveals the true force of buying and selling on intraday and daily charts. It is fully described in the text and on his website,

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Introduction 1

Chapter 1 Where to Find Trades 7

An Overview

Chapter 2 Drawing Lines 11

Chapter 3 The Story of the Lines 27

Chapter 4 The Logic of Reading Bar Charts 47

Chapter 5 Springs 73

Chapter 6 Upthrusts 95

Chapter 7 Absorption 107

Chapter 8 Chart Studies 117

Chapter 9 Tape Reading Part I 127

Chapter 10 Tape Reading Part II 163

Chapter 11 Point & Figure and Renko 179

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