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Trading 102: Getting Down to Business


A complete blueprint for starting and managing a personal trading business.

"Without a clear understanding of the correct basics of trading you'll never succeed in this business. Sunny Harris' Trading 102: Getting Down to Business will give you the correct basics of trading in an easy to learnformat. This book will jump start the success of anyone who has not figured out the truth of trading." -Larry Williams Trader and Author.

"Sunny Harris has done it again! Her new book, Trading 102, offers a wealth of exceptionally useful information for traders and investors. It places high on my list of recommended reading." -Edward D. Dobson President, Traders Press, Inc.

"Trading 102 is the perfect sequel to Trading 101. Sunny Harris brings all of the essential ingredients together and presents a concise step by step plan of action. I am amazed at the wide range of material she was able to squeeze into this very enjoyable book." -Charles LeBeau Author, trading advisor, founder of the System Traders Club.

In her much-praised and highly popular book, Trading 101, Sunny Harris offered novices a crash course on the basics of the field, from puts and calls to stocks and bonds to GDPs and EMAVs. Now, for those looking to continue their education, Harris presents Trading 102: Getting Down to Business, an invaluable roadmap to taking the next step: designing an individual trading system and starting a personal trading business.

Along with hands-on strategies, proven techniques, and straightforward guidelines for tailoring a system based on individual trading styles, Trading 102 is packed with a wealth of easy-to-read charts and graphs, as well as complete information on:
* The science of the business -setting goals, budgeting, keeping an expense worksheet, figuring outgo
* Formulating a sound business plan -cover page, mission statement, company differentiators, resource requirements, summary
* Software for systems testing -Excalibur, TradeStation, MetaStock, Window on Wall Street (WOW), and more
* System performance assessment -keeping track, slippage, Rate of Return (ROR), Maximum Adverse Excursion (MAE), Value Added Monthly Index (VAMI)
* Psychological traps to avoid -a special section written by Adrienne Laris Toghraie, a leading trader's coach, that covers lack of preparedness and motivation, conflict, inappropriate emotional states, negative behaviors.

Supported by a bibliography and a comprehensive appendix that includes margin requirements, commodity contract information, and closing values of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, trading 102 is required reading for anyone looking to take the big leap into professional fund management.

SUNNY J. HARRIS is a professional trader and President of Sunny Harris & Associates Inc. of Carlsbad, California. A member of the Market Technicians Association, she is also publisher of the widely popular Trader's Catalog and Resource Guide (TC&RG).
Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan.

Technical Analysis Review.

Mechanical Trading Systems.

Calculating Your Potential Hourly Wage(TM) (PHW).

Brainstorming a New System.

Building a Database.

Software for Systems Trading.

Designing Your System.

Formulae for Systems Development.

Backtesting and Optimizing Your System.

System Performance Assessment.

Following Your System.

The Science of Organizing Yourself.

The Science of the Business.

Dealing with Psychological Issues.