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Trading in a Nutshell: Planning for consistently profitable trading, 10th Anniversary Edition


Trading is decision making. Each entry or exit from a trade is a decision. The key to profitable trading is making the right decisions for you...consistently.

Stuart McPhee has been helping traders profit from financial markets for more than a decade. In this best-selling trading guide, McPhee encourages traders to develop comprehensive, individualized trading plans based on sound methodology, solid money management and the right mindset.

This 10th Anniversary Edition of Trading in a Nutshell, fully revised and updated, is the perfect guide for those starting out in trading, and will also serve as useful revision for more experienced traders.

You'll learn how to:

  • create a trading method and written plan that suits your personality, trading goals and tolerance to risk
  • analyse charts, use indicators and recognize patterns
  • manage your risk and, most critically, protect your trading capital
  • develop a mindset ready for the rigours of trading and capable of delivering trading success
  • maximize profits and cut losses through wise entry and exit decisions
  • get started on your trading journey

You will also discover how market experts, such as Mark Cook, Greg Morris, Dr Van Tharp and others, developed their expertise and the trading rules they follow.

Stuart McPhee is a private trader and trading coach. He is a highly sought-after public speaker and has presented at trading events throughout Australia and in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand and India. Visit Stuart's website for regular market and video updates.
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1 An introduction to trading 1

2 Financial markets 11

3 Technical analysis and charts 27

4 Chart patterns and indicators 53

5 Developing a trading strategy 73

6 The exit decision 95

7 Trade execution 117

8 Money management and risk 123

9 Developing your trading plan 143

10 Developing your mindset 159

11 Rules of trading 185

12 The experts 191

13 Getting started 233

Glossary 247

Index 253