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Trading Rules that Work: The 28 Essential Lessons Every Trader Must Master


Praise for Trading Rules that Work

"Excellent practical advice for every trader. Mr. Jankovsky's 28 rules are clear, well thought out, and most importantly, realistic. This book belongs next to your keyboard."
—Joseph Trevisani, Chief Market Analyst, FX Solutions

"Jankovsky's book, Trading Rules that Work, is one of the best new books on the financial scene. It is a must-have for any new trader looking to profit in the futures markets."
—Joseph O'Mara, President, Direct Trading Group

"Jankovsky's ability to distill the complex intricacies of trading to 28 comprehensible lessons is amazing. His partitioned approach to managing the trading process in perpetually moving markets is straightforward yet powerful. A must-read for serious traders planning on a long, prosperous career."
—Greg Sabatello, President, TransAct Futures

"Trading Rules that Work is an excellent resource that integrates daily market factors with personal and market psychology. Not only do you need to know how to react to the chart but you need to know how the chart reacts to you."
—James P. Cagnina Jr., Executive Vice President, Infinity Futures, Inc.

"In his easy-to-read book, Trading Rules that Work, Jankovsky does an excellent job describing 28 rules for trading. He takes the reader through step by step to explain the rules using his beliefs, insights, and experiences as a trader for many years."
—Daniel M. Gramza, President, Gramza Capital Management, Inc.

JASON ALAN JANKOVSKY has been a trader and market analyst for over twenty years. He provides daily commentary on the markets for Infinity Brokerage and is the featured speaker on a daily Internet broadcast, The Morning FOREX Briefing, sponsored by ProEdgeFX. Jankovsky has authored several trading systems, trained other successful traders, and written numerous articles on global cash FOREX. For a detailed list of resources and tools available from the author, please visit


PART I Getting in the Game.

RULE #1 Know Your Game.

RULE #2 Have a Trading Plan.

RULE #3 Think in Terms of Probabilities.

RULE #4 Know Your Time Frame.

PART II Cutting Losses.

RULE #5 Define Your Risk.

RULE #6 Always Place a Protective Stop.

RULE #7 Your First Loss Is Your Best Loss.

RULE #8 Never Add to a Loser.

RULE #9 Don’t Overtrade.

PART III Letting Profits Run.

RULE #10 Keep Good Records and Review Them.

RULE #11 Add to Your Winners.

RULE #12 Use Multiple Time Frames.

RULE #13 Know Your Profit Objective.

RULE #14 Don’t Second-Guess Your Winners.

Part IV Trader Maxims.

RULE #15 Know the Limits of Your Analysis.

RULE #16 Trade with the Trend.

RULE #17 Use Effective Money Management.

RULE #18 Know Your Ratios.

RULE #19 Know When to Take a Break.

RULE #20 Don’t Trade the News.

RULE #21 Don’t Take Tips.

RULE #22 Withdraw Equity Regularly.

RULE #23 Be a Contrarian.

RULE #24 All Markets Are Bearish.

RULE #25 Buy/Sell 50% Retracements.

RULE #26 The Only Indicator You Need.

RULE #27 Study Winning Traders.

RULE #28 Be a Student of Yourself.


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