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Trading Volatility for Profit: Using VIX as a Predictive Indicator to Find Winning Trades


Run Time: 90 minutes. 

The rules for trading volatility have been rewritten.

The current markets have forced traders to face volatility head on and master reliable ways to profit from big swings. In this brand-new 90-minute DVD course, McMillan - bestselling author, options expert, and president of McMillan Analysis Corporation - explains exactly how volatility affects the market and how to use volatility derivatives to take the market by storm and put gains in your wallet.

Finally, VIX, the volatility index, and its formula are handed to you in an understandable and useable way. McMillan reveals his own tactics to exploit the effects of volatility on the market and gives you the power to use them in your own trades. He even lays out the buy and sell signals so that you can consistently know when to enter and exit a trade for the best possible profitability.

In this course, you will learn:

  • VIX characteristics in bullish, bearish, and crisis markets so that you can be prepared in any market condition,
  • The differences between implied volatility and actual volatility so that you can avoid pitfalls and reduce losses,
  • Hedged and other strategies that help you get ahead of the market and increase your gain.

McMillan also digs into the ''new'' volatility products - options and futures - to explain how to discover which investment works best for you in today s markets, allowing for fewer losses and bigger returns. Plus, he describes how VIX futures can be used as technical indicators and the different ways that VIX options behave. This unprecedented, ready-to-apply guide makes sure that you are aware of what can go wrong and how to avoid these problems in order to increase your profits.

With this DVD course, you will have the strategies and the confidence to go after volatile markets and target big returns. Whether you are an expert or an amateur trader, these secrets of an option trading legend will position you to cash in when markets move.