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Trading with Oscillators: Pinpointing Market Extremes -- Theory and Practice


Essential technical analysis tools, oscillators are a specialized group of indicators that act primarily as mechanisms for catching market turning points. In this indispensable new resource, Mark Etzkorn thoroughly examines all the facets of these popular trading tools, first explaining the logic on which they are based, then guiding you through the fundamentals and applications of such well-known indicators as momentum, rate of change (ROC), stochastics, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Moving Average Convergence-Divergence (MACD). Next, advanced trading issues and new oscillator developments are explored. Providing the framework you need to make sound trading decisions with momentum-based indicators, Trading with Oscillators offers complete information on the basic concepts underpinning each oscillator--how it works, what it measures, and what its strengths and weaknesses are--along with detailed data on historical performance, divergence characteristics, variable price inputs and time frames, and a realistic appraisal of trading strategies for different market conditions.

"A comprehensive, realistic, and up-to-date explanation of a potentially valuable (but widely misused) class of technical indicators. Readers will learn not only the formulas and conventional interpretations of popular oscillators, but, more importantly, will gain an understanding of both the inherent limitations of oscillators and their appropriate role in the technical repertoire of the skilled trader." --Thomas A. Bierovic, Synergy Futures.

"A realistic appraisal of oscillators, Etzkorn separates the myth from the fact. Trading with Oscillators should be read by any trader contemplating the use of oscillators as a market timing tool." --Jack D. Schwager, author, Technical Analysis

MARK ETZKORN is a former Senior Associate Editor at Futures magazine where he focused on technical analysis and trading systems. A former trader and broker at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, as well as an independent off-floor trader, Mr. Etzkorn has worked at every major futures and options exchange in Chicago. He is currently a financial writer and trader, and a contributing editor at Futures.
Momentum: Definitions and Basic Concepts.

Momentum Oscillators: Basic Construction and Components.

Popular Momentum Indicators.

Momentum Oscillators: Trading Issues.

Oscillator Applications and Signal Performance.

Innovations and Modifications.

Other Issues: Divergence, Longer Time Frames, and Price Inputs.

Conclusion: Oscillators in Context.

Other Oscillators.