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Trailing Exits: Using Average True Range to Set Profit Targets


Run Time: 90 minutes. A good trader knows when to enter a trade; a great trader knows when to exit. More and more traders are beginning to realize their exits are what determine their overall outcome - profit or loss.

In this 90-minute DVD, 40-year market veteran Chuck LeBeau reveals the exit system he currently uses, and exactly how it was developed. With complete detail you get ''the good, the bad, and the ugly'' of the different types, including percentage trailing stops, moving average trailing stops, exits at support levels, and more.

Not only does he spotlight the pitfalls to numerous strategies and how to avoid them, he hands you his preferred exit techniques, using:

  • Trend direction,
  • Average True Range (ATR),
  • The ''Chandelier Exit'', and
  • A highly modified Parabolic indicator

All with explicit directions on how and when to use each one, along with a foolproof method of reentering trades after an exit.

Though trailing exits are more effective when used by long-term traders, Chuck provides alternative strategies for short-term traders to help control risk and maximize profits. Whether you are a short or long-term trader, knowing when to exit will not only protect your gains, but also maximize your returns! Packed with real-life examples, this DVD will teach you all you need to know about exits for increased control over the success of your trades.