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Trend Trading: Timing Market Tides



"Trend Trading provides a bedrock foundation for anyone who would seek to build wealth in the stock market. The author carefully explains his disciplined and methodical approach in terms that even a complete novice can understand. But the book is not just for beginners, and I would have no qualms about handing over my savings to a money manager who practices the techniques that it so meticulously describes. For that reason, I recommend it not just for fledgling investors but to any money manager or financial advisor who is looking to improve his or her performance."
—Rick Ackerman, Editor, Rick's Picks

"Most learn to trade stocks through trial and error. The only way to hasten the learning curve is to learn from the real-life experiences and knowledge of successful traders who've traveled down the same road. This book provides that opportunity!"
—Charles E. Kirk, The Kirk Report

"Kedrick Brown is a true Wall Street professional who has done battle in the trenches during some of the most turbulent times the market has ever seen. This book gives unique access into the thought process and mindset of how a market insider approaches the game. It applies the proven concept of 'trend following' to the equity markets in a simple and straightforward manner easily understood by investors of all levels of sophistication."
—Neal Berger, President, Apogee Asset Management, LLC

"A must-read for anyone who is serious about trading financial markets."
—Justin Evans, Founding Partner, Evans Capital Management

"Trend Trading is an insightful tool that can be used by all investors regardless of your individual strategy. No matter what the philosophy, if there is not a trend after you buy, then you will not be able to sell at a higher price."
—Calvin R. Stamps, Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager Bretwood Capital Partners, LLC

KEDRICK BROWN is a private investor with more than eight years of professional equity trading experience, most recently as vice president at Knight Equity Markets, LP (currently a subsidiary of Knight Capital Group, Inc.) At Knight, he traded hundreds of equities through a wide range of volatility, liquidity, and market structure conditions, executing thousands of daily trades; and managed several junior traders. He holds a BS in physics from Rutgers University and currently resides in New Jersey.



Chapter 1. Elements of an Edge.

Chapter 2. What Can an Equity Trader Learn from a Futures Trend Follower?

Chapter 3. Equity Trend Following in Action.


Chapter 4. Three-Dimensional Technical Analysis.

Chapter 5. Structuring a Trend Trade.

Chapter 6. Structuring a Trend Trading Portfolio.

Chapter 7. Out of the Box: Further Possibilities.


Appendix: Trend Trading Worksheets and Checklists.



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