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United States Trade Policy: A Work in Progress



This fascinating account of United States trade policy over the last four decades provides readers with powerful insights into the actual practice of international trade. Written so as to be accessible and of value to the discussion of current trade policy. Readers learn how trade policy is actually practiced, and gain a deep appreciation for the roots and evolution of today's trade issues.

This readable guide:

  • Links abstract trade theory to actual practice and places current trade controversies in historical perspective.
  • Demonstrates that real world does not always conform to idealized textbook trade theory.
  • Presents up-to-date coverage, including the Seattle debacle, Doha trade round, and the "new" issues of fair labor standards in developing countries.
  • Includes chapters on trade/environment and U.S. export policy seldom covered in other books.

With this practical understanding and the analytical tools of trade theory, readers will be better equipped to assess and manage the trade issues of the new millennium!


A Note to Readers.


Chronology of Trade Events.

List of Figures.

An Overview.

Aggressive Reciprocity.

Flirting with Managed Trade.

Japan as Trade Target.

Trade, Jobs, and Wages.

The Allure of Preferential Trade.

Trade and Environment.

A Conflicted Export Policy.

The 1990s: A Success, a Lull, and a Debacle.

The Way Ahead.


Glossary of Selected Trade-Related Terms.