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Where's My Money?: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep, Earn and Grow More Money


Are you sick of living from payday to payday? Do you wish for a secure financial future? Are you always asking yourself ‘Where has my money gone?' 

Packed with practical tools and real-life examples, Where's My Money? will help you to take charge of your financial future and make your dreams a reality. This 10-step, plain-English guide has something for everyone - whether you earn $35K or $350K. 

Inside you'll discover how to:

  • earn more money - and keep more of it
  • grow your money by investing it in property and shares
  • master your mortgage and own two properties outright before you retire
  • use a business to fast-track your financial goals
  • protect your assets and reduce your tax commitments. 

Whether you're struggling under the weight of a mountain of debt or wanting to speed up your financial success, Where's My Money? is the book for you!

An accountant and financial planner, Jason Cunningham is also co-founder of financial services business The Practice. Jason talks straight and calls it as he sees it. Above all, he's passionate about helping people achieve their full financial potential.

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1 Understanding money.

2 Understanding your financial personality.

3 The ‘c’ word.

4 In the beginning, there was a budget...

5 Workin’ hard for the money.

6 Your home is your castle—and your cash cow.

7. Getting into the property market.

8 Beating the banks—strategies for mastering your home loan.

9 Share and share alike.

10 Takin’ care of business.

11 Protecting your ass(ets).

12 Death and taxes.

13Ten steps to financial freedom.