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Who's Afraid of Adam Smith?: How the Market Got Its Soul


Praise for Who's Afraid of Adam Smith?

"Mr. Dougherty examines the ways in which various thinkers are now applying Smith's principles to the task of cultivating a civil society. . . . [Dougherty] makes it clear that when we remain true to Adam Smith's original moral intentions, only the naive of the nursery school need fear him."
–—Darrin M. McMahon, The Wall Street Journal

"It's reminiscent of a wide-ranging coffee-shop conversation with a charming and knowledgeable enthusiast who truly believes economics matters—–as it does. Dougherty can't resist the intriguing insight, the scholarly nuance that advances our understanding of how a market economy works."
–—Christopher Farrell, BusinessWeek Online

"Who's Afraid of Adam Smith? is perfectly accessible to any intelligent reader. And when reaching for a metaphor, Dougherty is more likely to use popular references—–to films like Raising Arizona or The Godfather—–than appeals to economic principles or theory."
–—Rob Norton, Journal of Economic Literature

"Dougherty shows how succeeding generations of economists have taken what they liked from Smith while leaving a good deal of valuable insight in the attic. Today's economists at last are performing an inventory, in the name of building a better understanding of the nature of the complicated civil society that undergirds our economic system."
–—David Warsh, Economic Principals

"A fascinating journey into the history of economic thought as it took root from Adam Smith's ideas by such economists like Marshall, Keynes, Samuelson, Friedman, Romer, and Markowitz amongst others is limned by the author. It is spellbinding for anybody interested in economics."
–—Chetan Parihk, Capital Ideas Online

" . . . retrieves Smith's forgotten side for the average reader . . . lively tour of economic thought . . ."
–—Roger Lowenstein, SmartMoney

PETER J. DOUGHERTY is Publisher and Senior Economics Editor of Princeton University Press. His occasional writings have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the Journal of Economic Literature, Economics and Portfolio Strategy, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the American Sociologist.
1. Letter Man.

2. The Instructions.

3. The Warning.

4. Little Platoons.

5. Enlightenment Wonk.

6. Soul Survivors.

7. Dragon Slayers.

8. Comeback Kid.

9. Kitchen Chemists.

10. Egg Men.

11. Urban Outfitters.

Epilogue: Go with the Flow.