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Wiley IFRS 2015: Interpretation and Application of International Financial Reporting Standards Set


The multimedia reference for the latest Financial Reporting Standards, with practical application advice from an expert author team

Wiley IFRS 2015 is the one-stop resource for understanding the most current International Financial Reporting Standards, now in use in over 100 countries. This indispensible set contains the acumen and insight of experts from around the world, plus a CD-ROM that keeps useful information just a click away. Readers will find detailed guidance toward IFRS interpretation and implementation, including advice for those implementing the standards for the first time, organised by topic for easy navigation. The CD-ROM includes a point-and-click index for quick reference, and is bookmark-enabled to allow fast access to frequently used pages.

The International Accounting Standards Board continues to make significant strides in achieving global convergence of accounting standards, with more and more countries either adopting IFRS or adapting local standards to align with those produced by the IASB. Wiley IFRS 2015 is a comprehensive multimedia reference set, providing all the information and tools needed to produce IFRS-compliant reports.

  • Get up-to-date on the latest International Financial Reporting Standards
  • Gain expert insight into interpretation and implementation
  • Apply IFRS rules in complex, real-world situations
  • Access expert advice instantly with the fully-indexed CD-ROM

Uniform reporting reduces the cost of preparing financial statements for multinational companies, and facilitates the jobs of those tasked with the assessment of business results. As IFRS rules update annually, it's vital for financial professionals to stay current on the latest changes, which may affect current procedure or induce changes going forward. Wiley IFRS 2015 provides complete guidance on the latest information, with clear instruction and expert advice.