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Will China's Economy Collapse?


The recent downturn in the Chinese economy has become a focal point of global attention, with some analysts warning that China is edging dangerously close to economic meltdown. Is it possible that the second largest economy in the world could collapse and drag the rest of the world with it? Or will China simply implode under the strain of its many problems and recede from the world stage like Japan? Does it have the resilience and preparedness to tackle the multiplicity of economic challenges it faces?

In this penetrating essay, leading expert on China's economic relations Ann Lee explains why China's economy will not sink us all and what policy options it is drawing on to mitigate against such a catastrophic scenario. Dissecting China's economic challenges with realistic clarity, she makes a compelling case for China's continued economic robustness in multiple sectors in the years ahead.

A former visiting professor at Peking University and hedge fund partner of two multi-billion dollar hedge funds, Ann Lee is a recognized authority on China's political economy and author of the award-winning international bestseller What the U.S. Can Learn from China.
Table of Contents
Chapter One: The Modern Chinese Economy: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Chapter Two: Preparing for a Soft Landing
Chapter Three: Even Black Swans Won't Kill
Chapter Four: Can China's Economy Lift Us All?