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Work Smarts: What CEOs Say You Need To Know to Get Ahead


Praise for Work Smarts

"In this superb book, one of the very smartest and respected financial anchors in the world shares valuable insights on corporate leadership--what works and what to avoid. Clearly written, punchy and wonderfully humble, this terrific guidebook is a must-read for those looking for a new career, wishing to reinvigorate a challenged career, or build on past successes."
--Mohamed El-Erian, CEO, PIMCO; Chair, President's Global Development Council

"Betty has written a powerful, insightful book for anyone who has ever felt they needed an extra push in their careers. Packed with sharp advice, candid revelations, and funny, personal stories, Work Smarts is an essential book to have if you want to succeed."
--Suzy Welch, author of 10-10-10; former Editor, Harvard Business Review

"Betty does it again with Work Smarts, a captivating story of her experiences interviewing CEOs and government officials from around the globe. Work Smarts is an invaluable aid for professionals seeking to organize their lives and careers for success. Rich with 'Lessons in Leadership' from her illustrious journalistic career, Work Smarts is also highly motivational and informative. Thank you, Betty, for yet another exceptional learning experience!"
--Dixon Doll, cofounder, DCM Venture Capital; past Chairman, U.S. National Venture Capital Association; board member, DIRECTV

"Easy conversation is always a miracle, especially when it is between a television host and her guest. But with Betty Liu it is always fun, easy, and interesting because she is fun, easy, and interesting."
--Mort Zuckerman, Chairman, Boston Properties; Publisher, New York Daily News and U.S. News & World Report

"Betty has a phenomenal ability to coax important information out of the top people in business. She uses those skills in this great new book to get CEOs and other highly successful professionals to explain how they got to the top--not just the things they did right, but the many things they did wrong. At a time when career ladders are broken and workers are expected to manage their own lifelong paths, Work Smarts is an invaluable--and entertaining--guide."
--Dan Roth, Executive Editor, LinkedIn

Betty Liu is Editor-at-Large for Bloomberg Television and the host of In the Loop with Betty Liu, a daily morning program providing the most comprehensive coverage of the headlines and major events set to shape the business day ahead. She also hosts In the Loop At the Half with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Radio, airing weekdays at noon, and is an ABC News contributor. An award-winning business journalist, Betty regularly interviews influential business, political, and media leaders such as Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, Lloyd Blankfein, Les Moonves, Indra Nooyi, and many others. Before joining Bloomberg Television, Betty was an anchor for CNBC Asia, based in Hong Kong. Prior to that, she was the Atlanta-based correspondent for the Financial Times. Earlier in her career, Betty was the Taiwan bureau chief for Dow Jones Newswires—the youngest ever in Asia—and a Hong Kong–based regional correspondent for the newswire. Betty is also coauthor of Age Smart: Discovering the Fountain of Youth at Midlife and Beyond, published in 2006. For more information on Betty, go to

Introduction ix

Part One: If I Knew This Before, I'd Be a Millionaire . . .

Chapter 1: The Company of One 3

Chapter 2: Why the Q Factor Is So Important 25

Chapter 3: How to Network 35

Chapter 4: Asking for a Raise 49

Chapter 5: The Art of Negotiation 67

Part Two: The Three Fs: Fear, Finances, and Flow

Chapter 6: Fear 81

Chapter 7: Finances 95

Chapter 8: Flow 109

Part Three: Postcards from the C-Suite

Chapter 9: What It's Really Like to Be a CEO 117

Chapter 10: Sound Off: The Most Annoying . . . 145

Part Four: Things I've Learned

Chapter 11: You Can't Really Be Good at Everything . . . and That's OK! 151

Chapter 12: Five Tips for Life 159

Bibliography 175

About the Author 179

Index 181