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You Only Live Once: The Roadmap to Financial Wellness and a Purposeful Life



"You Only Live Once is an essential money and life guidebook to help you improve your relationship with money and create a wealthy and purposeful life. Jason's story is incredibly inspiring."
--FARNOOSH TORABI, Host of CNBC's Follow the Leader and So Money podcast

"Jason is one of the most genuine, and positive, people I know. He wants people to live a life of happiness. You can't help but be moved to take action after reading this book!"
--J. MONEY, Founder,

"Jason Vitug's key message is to spend your time and money on things that matter. You Only Live Once provides a roadmap to leverage financial knowledge and recommended practices to simultaneously achieve financial wellness and work-life balance. Readers of all ages will benefit from his insights."
--DR. BARBARA O'NEILL, CFP, Distinguished Professor, Rutgers University

"One of the founders of the credit union movement, Edward Filene, once said 'keep purpose constant.' Purpose drives the credit union system and keeping it central to your own personal financial life is vitally important as well, which Jason hits home in this book."
--GIGI HYLAND, Executive Director, National Credit Union Foundation

"Ride along as your guide Jason Vitug shares his truly inspiring story and his practical tips for living a more intentional financial life."
--PHILIP TAYLOR, Founder, FinCon

"Jason's approach to money is hopeful and energetic. If you're tired of money controlling your happiness and feeling hopeless about your finances, this book will help to shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance."
--TIFFANY ALICHE, "The Budgetnista" and Founder of the Live Richer Academy

"We're all on the financial road to somewhere, aren't we? With You Only Live Once, Jason Vitug hands you not only a comprehensive roadmap, but also the powerful keys to success, some sunscreen, and shades."
--JOE SAUL-SEHY, Cohost, Stacking Benjamins podcast

"This book is going to change your life! Jason has mindfully lived every part of what he shares and that makes all the difference. His transformational journey helps you to gain clarity on your own path to finding joy with money--what could be better than that?"
--LEISA PETERSON, CFP, Mindful Money Mentor, Founder of WealthClinic

"Jason's ACT process challenges you to accept your past decisions, establish new goals, and push forward to live the life you truly desire and deserve."
--PATRICE C. WASHINGTON, best-selling author of Real Money Answers and Money Maven of the Steve Harvey Morning Show

JASON VITUG is the founder of Phroogal, a financial education start-up and lifestyle brand empowering millennials to live their dream lifestyles through financial knowledge. He is the promoter of the Smile Lifestyle movement, based on a belief that experiential and purposeful living can be achieved through informed financial decision making.

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xv

About the Author xix

Introduction 1

Part I On the Road to Financial Wellness 5

Chapter 1 Are You Living YOLO? 7

The Millennial Experience 7

The YOLO Mindset 8

Chapter 2 Financial Education and Living Your Dream Lifestyle 11

What Is Financial Education? 13

The ACT Process 14

Part II Awareness 15

Chapter 3 Know Where You're Starting From 17

Your Money Mindset 18

What Is Your Relationship with Money? 19

How Is Your Spending Contributing to Your Life? 20

How Are You Using Your Time? 22

Cultivate a Wealthy Money Mindset 23

Chapter 4 Know Where You Want to Go 31

Clarify Your Values 32

Have a Vision for Your Life 35

Follow a Money Philosophy 38

Chapter 5 Getting What You Want 41

Change Your Financial Behaviors and Habits 41

The Habit of Spending 42

The Habit of Saving 43

Get in the Know 45

Part III Creating a Plan 63

Chapter 6 Building a Lifestyle Budget and Spending Plan 67

Dealing with Your Fear of Lifestyle Change 70

Living the YOLO Lifestyle 74

The YOLO Budget 77

Chapter 7 Using the Purposeful Money Strategy to Spend and Save 97

Dual Checking Accounts Method 98

The Purposeful Savings Method 101

Chapter 8 Improving Credit Use and Eliminating Debt Forever 111

Credit Card Debt 115

Using the Debt Avalanche Method 117

Using the Debt Snowball Method 118

Part IV Taking Control 121

Chapter 9 Creating a Purposeful Life 123

Finding Happiness 124

Increasing Your Awareness 126

Organizing Your Finances 128

Managing Your Time 130

Having Better Conversations 132

Improving Financial Relationships 134

Chapter 10 Spending Rules 137

Spending Mindfully 138

Spend Less Than You Earn 139

Pay Less for Every Purchase 139

Spend on Loves, Not Likes 140

Use Credit Purposefully 142

Chapter 11 Living Mindfully 145

Building Your Freedom Fund 146

Don't Quit Your Job 148

Traveling the World 151

Lending Money to Family and Friends 152

Making Money with Money: Investing 153

Protecting Your Legacy: Insurance 155

Finding an Expert 156

Conclusion 159

Index 161