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Your Next Great Stock: How to Screen the Market for Tomorrow's Top Performers


Your Next Great Stock

"Your Next Great Stock makes a clear and persuasive case for a systematic investment strategy. Though simply written, both amateurs and professionals can profit greatly from the wisdom revealed in its pages."
—Joel Greenblattauthor, The Little Book That Beats the Market

"Jack Hough has written a thoughtful and disciplined book about picking stocks. In an age where most people look for the quick buck, his commonsense approach will outlive bull and bear markets alike."
—Jonathan HoenigPortfolio Manager, Capitalistpig Hedge Fund LLC and Fox News personality

With thousands of stocks to choose from, how can you find the best ones to invest in? Simple: start with a handful of clues that tend to predict outstanding returns, and then search the entire market in seconds for stocks that are producing those clues. That's stock screening, and it's the best way—the only way, really—to consistently beat the market.

Written by experienced investment journalist Jack Hough, Your Next Great Stock reveals the most powerful screen strategies ever produced. The strategies are easy to follow. If you have Internet access and can balance a checkbook, you can find winning stocks with this book as your guide. You'll learn how to find young companies poised for explosive growth, mature companies whose true profit potential is temporarily hidden, and more. Stop relying on overrated stock tips. Start using proven screening strategies to find your next great stock.

Jack Hough writes about stock screening for SmartMoney magazine,, and the Wall Street Journal. Prior to this, Hough spent eight years on Wall Street advising high-net-worth investors. He makes regular television appearances and frequently speaks at events such as The Money Show.


Part 1. Your Next Great Stock.

1. You Should Own Stocks.

2. You Can Beat the Stock Market.

3. If Stock-Picking Strategies Work, Why Haven't They Been Used Up?

4. Stock-Screening Is the Best Way to Find Great Stocks.

5. The Rewards Outweigh the Risks.

6. Telling Great Screening Strategies from Not-So-Great Ones.

Part 2. Tools and Data.

7. How to Use a Screening Tool.

8. The Screeners.

9. Where the Numbers Come From.

10. Things You Can Screen For.

Part 3. Strategies.

11. How to Use the Strategies.

12. The "Buy High, Sell Higher" Screen.

13. The "Impatient Value" Screen.

14. The "Surprise, Surprise" Screen.

15. The "Tomorrow's Breakthrough" Screen.

16. The "New Dogs" Screen.

17. The "Bold Is Beautiful" Screen.

18. The "Rising Expectations" Screen.

19. The "Follow the Leaders" Screen

20. The "Accrual to Be Kind" Screen.

21. The "Sales on Sale" Screen.

22. The "Combination Platter" Screen.

23. Guru Screens.

Part 4. Your Next Great Stock, Revisited.

24. Which Screen Survivors to Buy.

25. When to Sell.