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You've Been Framed: How to Reframe Your Wealth Management Business and Renew Client Relationships



"Today's wealth advisory market is a dichotomy of challenge and opportunity. While wealthy American families have a greater need now than ever before for financial advice, they are also more empowered than ever to judge the quality of their advisor, and they have more options than ever before to replace someone not meeting their needs. In this context, Sclafani's thesis in You've Been Framed provides vital groundwork and insight for aspiring advisors in any channel to better define—and deliver upon—their value proposition for clients. The ideas in this book are actionable, astute, and incredibly useful. Bravo!"
—Sterling Shea, Managing Director, Head of Advisory Programs, Barron's

"Who's more important to an advisory firm's growth: clients or staff? Ray Sclafani provides the surprisingly nuanced answer plus the strategies to propel a firm's constituents toward shared success."
—Jamie Green, Editor, Investment Advisor and

"It's never too late to become even better at your craft. Financial advisors at any stage of their career, in any business model, need to reframe for tomorrow. You've Been Framed is a comprehensive collection of best practices for reframing for success in a changing industry. It will coach you through the transition to build a lasting foundation, while Sclafani's perspective and passion will accelerate your professional and personal success!"
—Craig D. Pfeiffer, Founder & CEO, Advisors Ahead, LLC

"Northwestern Mutual's wealth management advisors strive to be at the center of their clients' financial lives, and Ray Sclafani helps them get there. He understands building relationships that carry forward through multiple generations, and he shows top advisors how to make a real difference in the life of the client. Advisors who are driven to do meaningful work can learn from Ray."
—Beth Rodenhuis, Sr. Vice President, Field Strategy & Services, Northwestern Mutual

RAY SCLAFANI is the founder and head of ClientWise, the premier coaching and training company exclusively serving the financial services industry. He holds a Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coach Federation and a master's certification in Neuro-Linguistics from the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Foreword Mark C. Tibergien ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction 1

Part I You Gotta Believe 13

Chapter 1 You’ve Been Framed! 15

Chapter 2 What the Best in the Business Don’t Want You to Know: The Five Wealth Management Reframes 29

Chapter 3 Death of a Salesman/Saleswoman and Rise of the Wealth Advisor 51

Chapter 4 The Big, Fat Lie 69

Chapter 5 Lone Ranger to Leader™ 83

Part II Five Steps to Reframing Your Business 101

Chapter 6 Discovering Your Current Frame: The ClientWise Conversation™ 103

Chapter 7 Defi ning Your New Frame by Discovering Your Value 133

Chapter 8 Building Your New Frame 161

Part III Now What? 187

Chapter 9 Teaching Others How to Frame You: Renewing Relationships 189

Chapter 10 Sharing the Frame: It’s All About Advocacy 207

Conclusion Ten Signals of a Successful Reframe 239

Additional Resources 249

About the Author 253

Index 255