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Anti-Money Laundering: International Law and Practice


Anti-money laundering has become increasingly important and complex for anyone involved in international financial services – from bankers, fiduciaries and trustees to lawyers, accountants, fund managers and many others. The USA Patriot Act and the FATF’s standards regarding anti-money-laundering (AML) and to combat the financing of terrorism (CFT) are just two significant measures which, together with other relevant legislation in individual countries, have created a complex, globally interconnected system of laws and regulations that international financial professionals must understand.

The complexity of AML/CFT regulations in different countries is so immense that there is an obvious need for a practical, concise handbook that gives clear information in this field for all those involved in relevant international business.

Anti-Money Laundering: International Law and Practice gives a concise overview of:

  • how institutions like the UN Security Council, the EU or the Wolfsberg Forum develop ways to fight money laundering and terrorist financing, and
  • how the Recommendations of the FATF and the Directives of the European Commission concerning AML/CFT are implemented in the legislation of their member countries
  • includes detailed information from a wealth of specialists outlining the implementation of anti-money laundering  measures in a total of 41 countries and territories.

Accordingly, the handbook is a must for anyone whose activities are affected by AML/CFT regulations as well as the principal point of reference in this field from an international perspective.

Wouter H. Muller, TEP, Senior Consultant at Henley & Partners in Zurich, is a lawyer and trust specialist with more than 35 years experience in international trust management and private banking. He obtained a doctorate in civil law at the Law School of the University of Groningen, worked as a solicitor in the Netherlands before joining Pierson, Heldring & Pierson in 1981. He was previously a managing director of the PHP trust company in the Netherlands Antilles, a director of the MeesPierson Bank and Trust company in Luxembourg, Zurich and Zug.

Christian H. Kälin, TEP, Partner at Henley & Partners in Zurich, is an international real-estate, tax and estate-planning specialist and licensed as a financial intermediary in Switzerland. He is the editor and one of the co-authors of the International Real Estate Handbook as well as the Switzerland Business & Investment Handbook. After completing Zurich Business School and his training at a Swiss private bank, he lived and studied in several countries before graduating from the University of Zurich with a cum laude Masters degree in law.

John G. Goldsworth, Editor of Trusts & Trustees, is a barrister based in London and Of Counsel to Henley & Partners in Jersey, Channel Islands. He holds an LLB (Hons) from the University of London and an LLM in International Business Law from the University of Exeter. He frequently acts as a chairman and lecturer at professional conferences and advises governments, institutions and companies on the proper use and development of international financial activities and on the development of legislation for inward and outward investment, including company law, trusts, tax law, financial law and the relevant regulatory framework.


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