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Asset Management: Equities Demystified


In recent years developments in information and communication technology, along with globalisation and trade liberalisation, have brought about a revolution in the capital markets. Always highly sensitive to global corporate trends, the asset management industry has been subject to huge changes in recent years.

This book discusses the changing nature of asset management and the implications for investors. It is based on extensive research and interviews with a large number of distinguished practitioners in the industry.

The issue of how technology has impacted on asset management is discussed and how, with the growth of the industry, more individuals are exercising control over their investments than ever before. Insightful and comprehensive, this book is a must for anyone involved in the management of money.

SHANTA ACHARYA is a freelance writer and researcher who began her investment management career with Morgan Stanley Asset Management before working as a fund manager for Swiss Bank Corporation Portfolio Management International and Baring Asset Management respectively. She studied at Oxford and Harvard and at the London Business School.
Capital Market Revolution.

The Alpha and Beta of Investing.


Active Management.

Absolute Return Strategies.

Private Equity.

Socially Responsible Investing.

Concluding Observations.